Help! Geolocation Dialog box freezes my Project Model when hitting space bar to get the 'select tool'

Sketchup displays the attached ' dialog box (on geolocation) each time I hit the ‘spacebar’ on my Mac to get to the select tool. I am completely ‘dead in the water’ and unable to use sketchup on my current project. I had worked about 8 hours with no problem and think the bug may have occurred when I downloaded an object from the ‘Warehouse’. I have now deleted that object but the problem remains and I am unable to work. I hope someone can help with this and thank you in advance. Sketchup 17.3 is what I was working with and have imported file to newer versions but have the same problem.

See this:

Not a bug with SketchUp.

Thank you Dave. I’ll give that a try if I can find a way to see a geo icon (whatever it is) on the lower right. Isn’t the lower right where the measurement display/ input box is?

I’ve always thought a bug was something that the application did on its own which then tanked the functionality of the app. That is what happened.

Thank you

The thing described in that thread has to do with an operating system setting or more properly the OS’s Universal Access thing. I suppose you could call it a bug with the operating system.