My spacebar no longer resets to the selection tool (windows OS) please help!


I just upgraded to sketchup2017pro and as soon as I flipped it on the spacebar command is no longer working. I am not aware on how to fix this. I am using windows 7 pro. Anyone else having this issue??

Am I from an Alternate Universe of keyboard commands?

That’s odd. Try this:

Window > Preferences > Shortcuts

Type in “Tools/Select” in the filter and add the shortcut.


I’ve occasionally had this happen to me. Try clicking with the mouse on the Select tool icon in the toolbar, then try Space bar again.


for whatever reason i had to go into preferences>shortcuts and remove the already preset spacebar from the shortcut option and re add it… weird.


As you say, weird. But glad you have it fixed now. It is the default shortcut


@LeoBoss I tried to reproduce the issue with a fresh install of SU 2017 Pro on my MacBook Pro, but wasn’t able to. One thing I did see, however, is a slight lag for cursor updates when the Orbit, Pan, and Zoom tools were active (i.e. I had to move the mouse for the cursor to update).