Reinstallation of SU 2021 & Plugins

1st off…I am on a Mac.

Is there a way to Remove and Reinstall SU 2021without losing or having to reinstall all of your plugins and add-ons? I am having some issues with certain things in SU and maybe this would clear some of the issues up.

One issue deals with modifying shortcuts. I hate that the spacebar invokes the Windows/Model Info instead of say the select arrow. Most software has it this way so its kind of an easy thing to remember. I have modified this in my preferences and it does not work. I have even restarted SU and still no change. So there is a glitch somewhere.

I think spacebar opening Model Info has to do with an accessibility setting on Mac where you can navigate buttons with Tab and activate them with Space. I think Model Info is the leftmost button in the status bar and by default selected when using this accessibility option.

I’m not a Mac expert and could remember this all wrong. However, if this is the case, reinstalling SketchUp likely wouldn’t change it.

Hey E…

I have gone back in and disabled the accessibility options in the keyboard and reboot the system. I have also gone into SU and modified the shortcut for Windows/Model Info to be something else and the spacebar still invokes it as well as what I set it to. To me that means there is something in the code that is not allowing us to make that change.

What happens if you press Tab before pressing space? Does it move focus around between buttons?

It changes…The first two times I get a different response in Windows/Model Info and one other. The next time it seems to open up the Instructor Pallet, after that it toggles between all of the items I have in the top bar of icons/commands.

got any suggestions to get this to work properly?