SHORTCUTS & Personalization

I am having an issue with editing shortcuts. I HATE that when I press the SPACEBAR that it keeps bringing up Windows/Model Info. I have gone into changing the preferences for the shortcut for the SPACEBAR to be the SELECT and changed the Window/Model Info to be ‘W’. It does not work. It still works as the default and that is killing me. If I make a change to the shortcuts I want it to be saved. I have closed SU and reopened it and it is still the same. There is no way to apply the setting and get it to work.

Does anyone have any insight on this issue???

That certainly is not the default.
Is your keyboard all right? No stuck keys? Does the Reset All button on the Shortcuts dialog work?

All of the keys on my keyboard are just fine on my MacBook Pro. And on my MacPro they are fine as well.