Model Info window opens when space bar is pressed

I have the space bar set as a shortcut for the selection tool. Intermittently when pressing the space bar the model info window opens. I have reset my shortcut preferences and performed disk repairs.

Please help

If you’re on a Mac try pressing Ctrl+F7. This will disable Full Keyboard Access. If the shortcut doesn’t work go to (in OS X 10.8) ‘System Preferences’ -> ‘Keyboard’ -> ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ and then select ‘Text boxes and lists only’ under ‘Full Keyboard Access’.


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Thank you Kristian, your tip seems to be working.

In Sketchup Make 2016, and likely other versions, the ‘Space Bar’ not only activates the “Select” tool, it can also cause other unwanted windows to open up.

This will happen if you hit the ‘Space Bar’ key while one of the icons in the lower left corner of Sketchup is highlighted.
These icons can become highlighted for any number of reasons I can imagine, but for me, it happens because I sometimes miss the mark when Command+Tab 'ing between applications on my iMac. Regardless, the fix or resolution is to simply tap the ‘Tab’ key until none of the icons in the lower right hand corner are highlighted.

Here are more details if you interested…

If you get the “Model Info” screen, the culprit is either the “Geo-Located” icon (looks like an upside down tear drop or a GoogleMaps location icon) or “Credits” icon (Icon of a person from head to toe).

If you are getting the “Sign in” window, it is the “Sign in” icon (a bust of a person).

If you are getting the “Instructor” icon (icon of a Question mark).

In any of these cases, you can resolve the issue by using the ‘tab’ key on your keyboard to ‘tab’ off of the offending icon(s). After 4 or so ‘tabs’ you should see one of the primary tools highlighted.

At this point, your ‘spacebar’ should only select the ‘Selection’ tool, and no longer trigger the opening of any unwanted windows.