Strange behavior for spacebar shortcut

This seems to happen after or during the process of applying materials in my model. After selecting a material and applying with the paint bucket the spacebar will display the Model Info window and not go to the select tool.

If I quit and restart it goes back to normal.

Has anyone else seen this?

tks, louie

there was a rare mac issue if you had ‘Auto-activate paint tool’ set in Drawing Preferences…

I think it was fixed for v16…


I think Mac has some sort of option to iterate through toolbars with Tab and “click” the buttons using Space. Never used Mac so I don’t know where to turn it off.

Hi John,

Thanks this seems to still be a bug in SU Make 17.3.116. With this option set selecting a material switches to the Bucket tool. From that point on the spacebar opens the Model info window. Other shortcuts work as expected.

I can reset this by clicking on the select tool and closing the colors window without having to quit SU.

But now after deselecting “Auto-activate” and testing, I reselected “Auto-activate” the problem does not reappear. So the simple act of switching this preference on and off seems to so something in the system the fix the bug.


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