Using space bar as enter

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I just wondered if these exists, but can SU be config’d so that space bar is enter? For example, typing in dimensions for a line length, it would be great if space bar could complete the command. I only ask because 80% of the time I’m using AutoCAD, which has space bar as enter.


The existing versions cannot do that, there is no config item for it. So, this would have to be added to the app itself. I have no insight on how the developers prioritize requests, but this seems to me unlikely to get attention - too specialized.

In theory you could use an external keymapper to substitute enter for the spacebar, but that would prove a disaster because you could never enter any legitimate value with a space in it, including things such as file names, material names, etc.

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Also, Space Bar is the shortcut for the Select Tool


True, though that is a default shortcut that can be changed in the preferences. One can’t assign a shortcut for enter because enter is a keypress, not a SketchUp tool or action.


I haven’t checked specifically in this case but I do use AutoHotKey for custom key actions in SU and LO.

For when SU is running only you might be able to remap the space key to perform enter.

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As I warned before: be aware that such keyboard remapping won’t be context-sensitive in SketchUp! Any press of the spacebar will send a return, which will make it impossible for example, to name a model “Nice name with embedded spaces”.



Didn’t fully read you post

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The Space Mouse allows Return to be used as a Keystroke in the Mapping options of a Radial Menu.

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Thank you @slbaumgartner @Matt @paul.mcalenan and @westsalish , very much appreciated and makes complete sense. I don’t think I would mess with a keymapper in case it causes other problems.

I do have a space mouse so I could always config that to keystoke return - nice one @westsalish :+1:

Really appreciate the prompt response, well done community :grinning:


I use the app TouchCursor to create a function layer which is activated by space bar. This is great for writing, coding – allowing me to keep my hand in its home position – in SketchUp I find it most useful for arrow key commands (e.g. setting axes of movement / rotation). It has both whitelist & blacklist modes, to control when it is active (or just exit it).

Tapping space gives the usual result. Holding space activates the custom function layer:
space + tab = Enter
space + c= Delete
space + x = Backspace
space + w / s / a / d = up / down / left / right
space + q / e = home / end

I find that I can still type at 100+ WPM without errors, although certain apps create occasional keystroke errors.

See SpaceFN. This could also be achieved with Autohotkey, and I’m sure there are ways to do it on a Mac.

I also remap some keys using SharpKeys, which changes the registry in a reversible way.
Ctrl <–> Caps
Esc <–> `~

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I’m sorry onomato, I wasn’t aware that someone else had posted - just wish to say thank you for making the effort. If it comes to it, I’ll certainly look into TouchCursor, thank you very much. :+1: