Space bar as ENTER?

Apparently this couldn’t be done in early 2019. Any way to make this happen? I’d give up spacebar as select for the ability to do this. too ingrained in me from autocad. keep doing it!

Can’t see it happening, too many sketchup users ingrained already.

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Old habits die hard for everyone! Like wanting to hit enter after every command!

You’re on Windows…

You could use AutoHotKey to remap the space for when you are in SketchUp.

Or with Windows Powertoys you could do the same.

Thanks Paul. Briefly looked at Auto hot key. Might play around with that at some point. Is it reasonably intuitive to do what you are suggesting? So I could sort of just overwrite the spacebar function from select to enter while in sketchup only?

Begs the question…
What will you use for Select when the space-bar is not available ??

Haha. Yeah… I’ve been thinking about that. Truthfully, because I’m so new to actually “using” sketchup (somewhat productively haha) I still have to make a conscious effort to use the space bar for select. Now I do get that the space bar is big and that you use select a whole lot… but it’s not ingrained in me yet so… since I’m going back and forth between cad and sketchup would be nice to have that at least the same.
Wonder if I could just make the escape key turn to select? which is effectively what I think cad does. Escape out of a command so can start selecting things again…
I’ve only been drawing in cad 20 years now lol and had to go out to cad to see what I actually do lol.
Sketchup definitely acts differently… On a quick sketch of rectangles I can’t tell what if anything the esc key does… but I remember it does something lol

An AHK script that remaps the space key only when you are active in SketchUp is straightforward to do. When not active in SketchUp the space key would return space.

I have a number of remaps in a script that runs on startup.

I looked at the Keyboard Manager in Windows Powertoys and it didn’t seem to allow remapping space to enter.

I use A for select.
Esc is still needed and is a separate function.

(Similar logic to “select All”)

C is arc/curve.
W is Move
Q is push/pull.
D is Draw Line.
E is erase
F is fill (paint bucket)

Those are the keys used 90% of the time, all adjacent to each other.

I came from a pro gaming background and when I first installed sketchup (17 years ago) I instantly remapped all shortcuts to match my intuitive FPS gaming-style keys.

Sketchup default shortcuts are awful.

Space is normally Jump in games but I dont have a great use for it in sketchup so I use it to toggle shadows. You could assign it to anything just to have something to press after entering a command :wink:

It’s been a while but I still see the occasional keyboard in our office with a space bar worn down to the metal… autocad user :smiley:

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