How to change Enter key shortcut? Can't find it in the shortcut menu

Hi! It would be much easier for me to change the Enter command to the spacebar key in SKP?. As it is in AutoCad, because I got used to and sometimes I make mistake pressing the spacebar thinking that it works as in other softwares. Enter command in spacebar makes the workflow much faster because we dont have to lift our hands to click on it as our hands are already laying down next to the spacebar.

Have a look at AutoHotKey or the Windows PowerToys Keyboard Mapper.

Actually – I wasn’t at my computer earlier.

You can set the spacebar as a shortcut to Edit Group.

But that only works for groups and not components – you would have to set another shortcut for editing components.

I’ve just checked PowerToys and you can’t remap a single key for a specific application unless it also involves a modifier key.

I’ve just done a check with AutoHotKey and you have a script that will remap return to the spacebar only when you are actively using SketchUp.

Thank you but I’m confused…so what I have to do? there is a way to change?

use mouse , click twice on left button on the mouse & enter where you want to enter :slight_smile:

In SketchUp, you can set the spacebar as a shortcut to Edit Group or to Edit Component but not both – this will perform the same function as pressing the enter/return key

As far a I know, if you want the spacebar to perform enter/return, then you are going to have to use AutoHotKey (AHK) and then run a short AHK script every time you start a SketchUp session or have the AHK script run when Windows starts up.

I can provide you with the AHK script if that’s what you want to do…

True. SketchUp does not itself support multi-key shortcuts, only chords with modifiers such as ctrl, alt, etc. if you are seeking a macro facility you need an outside utility.

the enter shortcut I want is not for entering or exiting groups or other things… its for example when I use the command line or set numbers for a length and so on…

I would really appreciate it Paul! thank you!

Attached is an .txt file containing the following code:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe sketchup.exe ; if SketchUp is the active window
Space::Send {Enter} ; Have the "space key" perform "Enter"

The forum won’t allow the upload of a .ahk file so you will need to edit the file name from .txt to .ahk.

You need to download and install AHK.

Keep the .ahk file in a folder of your choice, create a shortcut of the file and put that shortcut in the Windows startup folder.

Or just run the .ahk file manually every time you start SketchUp.

SketchUp_Space_As_Enter.txt (130 Bytes)

thank you very much!! so easy to work now!