SketchUp 2022 extra grabby for shortcuts

My plug-in uses Qt dialogs and sets the SketchUp main window as each dialog’s parent. This allows my dialogs to get keyboad focus from SketchUp for typing in to dialog boxes. In SU 2022, if the user gives keyboard focus to my dialog and types a character not assigned to a shortcut, then that character gets to my dialog box. However, if the user gives keyboard focus to my dialog and types a character assigned to a shortcut, SketchUp 2022 activates the shortcut command and the character does not make it to my dialog box. Did something change in SketchUp 2022 that would make it extra grabby for keyboard input, intercepting keyboard input meant for child dialogs and processing them as shortcuts for the main window? Is there any way to disable shortcuts when my dialogs are active? The bug reported by my users is at:

The 2022.0.1 update came out after that report you showed. One of the fixes is:

  • (Win) Fixed an issue where keyboard input into an extension window would activate shortcuts.

I added a link to the new installer in that GitHub discussion.

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Thanks for the fast reply Colin! Unfortunately, the issue is still occurring with the latest release


I will ask others about it tomorrow.


@colin we are still seeing this issue in our OpenStudio SketchUp Plug-in using SketchUp 22.0.354 on Windows 10 and 11. Note that our plug-in uses Qt dialogs so that may be why other fixes didn’t work for us. Can you provide any information on the root cause of the bug in case we have to try to fix it at the Qt level?

I am trying to get Open Studio going on my Mac, so I can see if it goes wrong for me. I haven’t got that far yet, but do see something odd. While Open Studio is installed and active, and even after disabling it until I quit and reopen SketchUp, the current tool is being repeatedly highlighted.

Like this:

I did get further, and can use any letters to name a space. I will try on Windows next.

I got Windows going, and can still use any characters in a Space name. Can you give the briefest steps needed to show the problem?

Thanks Colin, the blinking issue is already on our list: SketchUp 2022 Mac minor graphic glitch, blinking currently selected tool · Issue #103 · openstudiocoalition/openstudio-sketchup-plugin · GitHub

It sounds like the issue with short cuts bypassing input fields is specific to Windows.

Here is a video of what I see. I create a space, open the OpenStudio Inspector tool, start typing letters. I was typing ‘q’, ‘w’, ‘e’, ‘r’, ‘t’. The only one that comes through into the name box is ‘w’, all the others trigger shortcuts.


Here is my exported preference file if that helps:

Preferences.dat.txt (3.2 KB)

I am currently using a later version of SketchUp than you are. I will uninstall that one and reinstall the current release version.

Thanks so much Colin. I am also using OpenStudio 1.3.1 and OpenStudio SketchUp Plug-in 1.3.0. I am on Windows 11 but this is also reported on Windows 10.

I do see the issue when I install 2022.0.354. There are various differences in the builds after that one, so either an unrelated change has helped, or the problem that was mentioned in the release notes as being fixed, wasn’t fully fixed.

I’m not sure who would be best to make a suggestion of any work arounds there might be. I see that copy and paste works.

I will tag @Hilliard_Scott again, and make sure he sees it this time.

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Any updates?

I haven’t seen Hilliard online this week, he may be taking time off. I have messaged him again.

Let’s see if @ChrisFullmer or @thomthom have any ideas.

I see the issue in 2022.0.354, but It does not exist in a later build.

It’s starting to look like the issue was only partially fixed in the update, and that extension developers had to add a work around in their code.

I think that @Fredo6 did add work around code to his extension. Hopefully that was the case, and he may be able to tell us what he had to do.

Ok cool, thanks everyone. Is there any idea of when a new version with the fix would be released?