SketchUp 2023.1 bugs & etc

I’m using version 22.0.354 and 23.1.315 (upgraded from 23.0.419) on Windows 10. But I have some problems with 23.1.315:

  1. There is a known problem with copying between windows. Although the method described on the forum does not help. Doesn’t even work when copy in v22 and paste in v23.

  2. Problem with hotkeys: when I press (for example “z”) and try to enter the value field of view, the character “z” appears in front of the value itself.

  3. When I try to open skp-file with “open with” item in the context menu, I don’t know which version use in menu:

  4. When I select a group, “Default Tray->Entity Info” has a field “Volume”. I would like to have such fields as: “height”, “width” and “depth”. Yes, it can be viewed with a plugin or measurement tools, but it is extremely inconvenient especially when you have many similar groups.

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For (2) try pressing BACKSPACE key to clear the “z”.

(3) well known bug for like, forever. (Use icons pinned to the taskbar instead.)

And (4) is not a bug.

I was just going to post about copying between windows. I can no longer copy in one window and paste into another sketchup window. Is there a work around?


there are at least 6 posts / topics about that :wink:

there is the workaround.

In the “Trays Freezing” thread of course! haha im new to this forum software and didnt see anything obvious. But at least i didnt start a new thread. Thanks! it worked.

No. The first time it was mentioned was in the “trays freezing” indeed.

The 6 other mentions I’m talking about are these. 7 with yours :wink: They were more on-topic won’t you say ? :slight_smile:

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