Updated to 23.1.315 and now can't copy form objects from file to file

I have just stupidly updated my sketchup, I thought what’s the worst that can happen. I now want to go back to the previous version I was using, but it doesn’t seem possible. I can only go back to 2022 version. In the latest version I now can’t copy and past objects from file to file, using a simple paste in place doesn’t work. I have tried to load the previous download from my downloads, but it doesn’t seem to take me to that version. Any ideas?

hello, this is a known issue. You have to first copy something in the second instance to reactivate the clipboard

Thanks for letting me know about this work around, just wondering is it possible to load previous versions of sketchup, and not the major ones like they display on the previous version on their website. I seem to only be able to go to 2022 or to the newest versions now?

i’m afraid not. you can download 2021, 2022 or 2023 on sketchup website, but it will always be the lastest release, in that case the 23.1.319 version. Unless you still have the previous installation stored in your download folder (and you’d need to uninstall latest first), you won’t be able to roll back to it

That’s a shame, but thanks for the workaround, that’s fixed the main issue I had this morning!

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If you happen to have kept the 2023.0.2 installer in your downloads you could uninstall 2023.1 and then reinstall 2023.0.2.

This is a perfect workaround. Thank you!

Thanks for the work around. The problem was a bit of a head scratcher.

maybe it can’t work if u use the cursor u need to change to the move tool when u want to paste on another file. First, select the object (use the cursor) then use the move tool when u want a paste on another file .it’s works for me .hv nice day