Change mac keyboard setting to windows

I just change my computer from window to Mac.
I’m trying get use to the keys and make shortcuts that i used but i really like to know if i can change the modifier key, option -> control (like the windows setting).

It would be easier to tape labels over the Option and Command keys. Or, just get used to the idea that things are different on Mac and PC.

You could change them in System Preferences/Keyboard/Keyboard Tab/ click “Modifier Keys” but I agree with Dave that it’s a bad idea.

Even if you mean to switch back and forward between Windows and Mac you’d be better learning both ways. Unless you only use SketchUp you’ll be forever having to translate shortcuts in your head for every other app. Command C and control C for the clipboard copy can’t be fixed by remapping keys for example.

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This a tough nut because your fingers get used to pressing certain key sequences without conscious thought. Just like “Franglais” by people who speak French and English, not everyone can change gears completely and never mix the languages. I agree with @McGordon that there are too many keychords that you can’t change because they are hard-wired by the OS (or by the app). Each of us is different, but I don’t think I would gain any productivity by having a few specific SketchUp commands map to the keychords of the other OS and having the others stay as is.

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