A thankyou to

A little late but I wanted to say thank you to @kathy_davies and @olivia_feng for their time on Monday evening and the Conference Call.

I thought it was very productive and helpful.

It is the first time any Software company has had a face to face with me to gather information on how I use the product and my feedback on future upgrade routes. Also discussed Trimble Connect which I really want to start using properly.

Kind regards



Thank you Mike! It was great to gather your feedback and insights. :smile:

I am continuing to reach out individually to members of our amazing SketchUp Community who may have an interest in the upgrade journey from Classic to Pro to Studio - but thought it might be worth floating out a general invitation here too.

We’re looking to learn more about how to best communicate the value-add of each of our bundled offerings - and how we might improve when and how we engage with you. If you have had a recent software upgrade experience where you felt they just nailed it, or have some ideas on how we might improve - we would love to talk to you!

Looking forward to getting to know and chat with more of you soon!


@kathy_davies and I had a conference call scheduled to start just about 40 minutes ago (8:00 PM, South Africa UTC+2:00), but she didn’t show, didn’t postpone or cancel. Is she OK?

As embarrassing as it can be, I think everyone can forget an appointment.

It could have been an error in scheduling. Today is a federal holiday in the US and most companies give their employees the day off.

I did not know that, her Calendly schedule she gave me the link to had Tuesday (tomorrow) blocked out without any available slots, it was either one of two slots today or then again Wednesday or Thursday. I believe you set your own availability there, I might be wrong.

It may be that it’s just an honest mistake.

Quite possibly yes.

My sincerest apologies @Julian_Smith - as @DaveR kindly pointed out, it was a Federal holiday here in the US yesterday, and I was indeed away from my work email/calendar. I assumed (incorrectly) that Calendly would pick up the company holiday event - alas it did not. :unamused:

Again apologies - I will be more than happy to reschedule at your earliest convenience this week or next.

Hey Mike,
Thanks for your kind feedback. Hope you are doing well!
I was late to post. Kathy did pass your post to the whole Sketchup product team :slight_smile: So everyone was chuffed.
I personally really enjoyed speaking to you as well! I thought you were very easy to talk with and charismatic.
Re your request of learning more about Trimble Connect, I have spoken with our customer success team and here is the info they suggested to get you started:https://blog.sketchup.com/home/7-tips-for-remote-collaboration and the youtube channel for Connect workflows: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB3LvMW41rgbgJ8HzB6LeeGVSgWSSSMbO

Keep in touch and feel free to reach out to me / Kathy anytime if you have further questions/ comments.
I will send you an email separately.

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Many thanks @olivia_feng

Really appreciated.

I will certainly have a good look through the information on the links you sent.

Kind regards