Customer Support stinks

wow, you pay all this money yearly for a program and the technical support is on a call back basis only, are you freaking kidding me?? There has been “unusually high call volumes” for months but i guess Trimble doesnt know how to rectify the situation. This is ridiculous.

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well i guess the community didnt like my post about lame technical support, too bad so sad

Maybe it’s your approach.

What’s the issue you’re having. There are loads of folks here who might be able to help.

If you complete your profile properly so we know what version of SketchUp you are using and actually post a civil question, you might get your problem solved in short order.

Thanks Dave, appreciate the help but its a licensing issue,waiting to hear back from tech support “Unusually high call volumes” my b*tt Project deadline and cant get it to work, fun fun!

Well, right now all employees are having to work remotely. No one will be in the office to answer phones. If you put in a ticket for support you should get a reply as soon as they can get to you.

Thanks ticket submitted earlier, will try something else in the mean time. Stay Corona free!

I don’t mind your posts. We’re all working from home at the moment, and that is a bit disruptive. Also we sometimes have a lot of emails and voicemails that come in over night and the weekend, and that can affect how much we can take live calls.

As I mentioned in my reply to you, it looks like you managed to activate ok. Can you say what the problem was, in case anyone else has the same issue?