Customer support

so…here i sit TRYING to get customer support, and with a list of ■■■■ that i have already checked…so, i ask you, is this what we pay $ 120 / yr for ? be ignored when sketchup crashes ?..

I believe that this week is BaseCamp, and most all of the staff would be in Palm Springs, California.

Please complete your forum profile IT questions and post the problem in the Technical Problems > SketchUp category. If you sent in any BugSplat reports, please specify what identifiable info you entered that will allow staff to look up the splat report.

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any suggestions on what i should tell my client ?..should i tell them that tech support is on vacation ?..should i tell them " oh what the heck, you will have to wait a week for me to get call back so i can sketch ups software for them" ?..shall i explain to my client that the support i pay for doesn’t exist ? or shall i go with their response and fire me, and hire another firm who actually has working software, and can actually get help when the program fails ?

btw…i have done all of that, and all i received back was a boiler plate email telling me to check with the forums to see if a user has fixed the program…silly me, i had thought that when you pay for customer support…you may actually get what you paid for

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There are plenty of folks here who would be willing to try to help you if you actually completed your profile and told us what you are experiencing. You might already have had a solution.

Basecamp starts on Sunday, though I’m sure everyone is busy getting ready for that.

Even so, someone should be doing support, and hopefully a SketchUp team member will see this topic.


I expect the Customer Support team is still working and getting through requests for help as quickly as they can.

a phone-based first-level-support hotline for SU Pro customers with active maintenance (being required to provide a valid serial number) and maybe with a premium-rate number for all others should be feasible and probably pay for itself, at least by advertising the additional value of an active product maintenance.


The SketchUp team is definitely NOT on vacation this or next week. Please try posting your problem here and someone will do their best to respond while you’re waiting for your official support ticket. Thanks.