This BS has to stop and I mean now!

Again and again using up my production time it wants me to pay for Sketchup over and over and yes before you send me “Dah login to trimble, I have!” First I would like to hear from anyone that has
OWNED SKETCHUP since it was at Last software like myself if they are experiencing the same problem? This is obviously a clear example of GREED superseding Customer Service. Getting really tired of this BS. Also if anyone in the Hurricane belt that has not had internet are you able to use the program? This just makes me sick people everyone want so gouge us for money we don’t have!

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You probably don’t want positive experiences…

Removed because positive experiences aren’t wanted.


Just for the record, one never ‘owns’ the software, only the permit to use.
The machine based licensing system back then would put a .lic file on the machine locally, but you would still have to have access to the internet to set it up.
Once this was done, there was no need for access.
Now, the period is 28 days so you have to be a little weary about it.
Often, when doing a demo or something, I can rely on my hotspot for contacting the servers.
Hurricanes do mess things up, or contractors that are digging in your neighborhoods.
If you converted your classic license, that version should still be active.

Dave, I was using the program all morning but had to close it for a few minutes to download. It is insane that I am the ONLY long term Sketchup Owner having this problem. Obviously windows people may NOT have this problem at all!? Positive experience is Not what I am having!

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Mike I find it hard to believe that l am not logging into Sketchup-Trimble for 28 days. My login into Trimble is used for Sketchup? I certainly understand the concept of software protection, but the serial concept worked much better. Back saving everything to 2020 version would be way too time consuming. I hope when out of the Country later this month laptop in hand, I will still be able to use MY PAID FOR Sketchup?

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Hello Stephen,
I will partially agree with you (actually I will totally agree with you but will disagree with the way you express your frustration)
I also find that sketchup is indeed annoying in that sense.
It is the main tool in my work and I’ve been a fanatic user since @last (I am one of those that “dream in sketchup”) but of all the applications I use (mainly 3ds max, lumion, rhino, zbrush & adobe suite) It is the only one that gives me a headache with the licensing. specifically:

  1. signing in every time… as @DaveR rightly says it is only once every month, but when you have so many things in your mind, adding one more step is a burden (especially when it does not give you the ability to work offline at least once in an emergency, which could mean losing an entire workday just because internet is down for some reason)
  2. You also have to keep track of the licenses for the plugins. It is not rare in the middle of a project to realize that one of your tools just doesn’t work because the license has expired or there was some other problem with it. (recently, Clothwork’s license stopped working and with my busy schedule a whole month had to pass before I found the time to post the problem, wait for random people to suggest solutions, try them out and eventually find the solution).

I still love sketchup like the first day, but of all the professionall programs I use it is the only one that is less than perfect in the licensing department …

Now, about the disagreement:
This is a forum where you would expect your messages to be read by other users and it would be adviseable to use a more polite way to say what you want. Most of the people here are volunteers trying to help other users.
We have a proverb in Greece: “A soft-spoken man can milk a lioness” You always go further in life with elegant speech.


Yes, and as mere fellow SketchUp users, there is nothing we can do to correct people’s licensing problems except to say “log out and log back in again”. You should perhaps file a support request on the SketchUp support page.

I have not had big headaches except that the “Sign in to all things SketchUp” window appears to me far more often than every 28 days. But I am nevertheless a fan of the Rhino licensing system that offers you the options of using an online license, a license tied to your computer that also works offline, or the possibility to set up your own local network licensing server.


I’m still using a classic 2021 license (although I did sign up for the discounted 2 year subscription).

I’ve seemingly had no problems with this - is it the case that if I upgrade when 2022 comes out I will have to bother with this signing in tedium?

I am using the subscription, have only signed in once.

I was wondering why this is and thought perhaps so they can offer people the option of paying their subscription monthly. If so, would it not be possible to set up the system so those who ante up for a full year at a time are good for one year before being asked to log in again?

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Upon startup, if there is a live connection, it collects some data (what version is launched, which Trimble ID, and what device) and checks it with the Plan you have or on how many devices you are logged in already.
It then sends back a log file with the counter reset to 28 days (or how many days you are left. The next time if you have no live connection, it uses that saved logfile but the counter has began ticking, of course.
Having a stable internet connection (and using SketchUp once a month (28 days) will need only one sign in, theoretically.
This info can be used for insights in usage, reminders for updates or soon to be expiring licenses etc.
For instance, the trial period has a shorter ‘offline’ timespan in order to inform new users of tutorials or blogs etc. (7 days)

In a way, it is suppose to give the developers (and marketeers) insight in how much the software is used.

Now, the past month there where some problems with the entitlement server
( check )
If one had started SketchUp on one of the red or orange days, these logfiles could have been corrupted.
That’s why we have seen a lot of ‘subscription server response’ issues some weeks later.
Sign out and back in will get the right logfiles back on the system.


Have you considered and/or are you aware of other SketchUp-like 3D software applications?
AutoDesSys Form●Z (in business for over 30 years) offers 3 different PERPETUAL versions of its software application (Your purchase includes both Windows & Mac versions) . Admittedly, there’s a steep upfront cost for your initial purchase.

Form●Z includes a year of updates/upgrades. After one year, as development continues, there are future fees for each year of updates. You have the option of forfeiting future updates but will still be able to continue using your current version as long as it functions in the operating system that you’re working in.

Yes Steve,

I have worked very briefly with Form Z. I have been on Macs, pretty much, since 1986 when I started with Illustrator. The constant problem is 1. Getting up to speed with a program. 2. Affording a computer that will handle 3D quickly? 3. Finding enough clients to pay you so you can afford it. 4. Keeping up with all the upgrades without diminishing profits.

In the earlier days Adobe had a lot of competition, but over the years they consumed most of the competitors. I have had to switch to Affinity. I am hoping Trimbel does not do that with Sketchup? In the earlier days when it was still @last software, I trained the Disney Sign shop people on it (local Adult Education School) after promoting it to them as Adobe Illustrator on steroids. Thanks for the heads up on Form Z, I have been working with Blender some as of lately. I will look into Form Z.

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This might be why I have almost never have this issue. I use sketchup regularly and I think I’ve been faced with needing to login a couple of times in the last year, it’s so rare. And when it does, my browser and macOS remember the login, so I’m up and running in a matter of seconds.

That’s undoubtedly it with me also then.

I have a stable internet connection and I’m using SU/LO at least 5 out of 7 days a week and always logged in.

I’m not so sure. It’s just a periodic licensing check, and it generates absolutely no income, as it does not request or require payment to continue or remedy. Customer service isn’t the issue here, as this isn’t an interaction with that department. The issue is the language they use to prompt an account login

It’s a yearly subscription, not more frequent than that.

Be patient… There is developments focused on precision and inference drawing tools.


Anssi, No offense was intended, like you I have little lifetime left I can’t pussy foot around and be politically correct all the time. It is extremely, I mean extremely frustrating as people like to point out the older we get the slower we get, when all of a sudden the program decides to cut me off! Couple that with business drop over the last two years, pressures mount.

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