I've been using sketchup all day why do I have to sign in now?

Welcome professionals! If we’re all professionals why doesn’t Trimble trust us? Why am I paying for this toy when I can’t trust that when I take my laptop out into the field that I won’t be suddenly logged out of this program? Why do I have to deal with the embarrassment and enormous time sink of leaving a job site JUST SO I CAN GET TO A WIFI NETWORK OR WITHIN CELL SERVICE TO LOG BACK INTO A PROGRAM THAT I’VE BEEN USING ALL DAY LONG???

Are we professionals or are we children? I feel like Trimble considers us all the latter.

I’m furious right now.

I think we all know we have to occasionally log back in for whatever reason and the frequency isn’t set in stone. Therefore whenever I need to work away from the office I just make sure to log out of SketchUp on my laptop and back in again to reset the clock and avoid any unwanted problems. So far (touch wood) that has always worked a treat :+1:

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I did.

If I’ve been using sketchup continuously since 8 am, what nefarious activity would be required for someone, at noon, to be pirating sktechup on the computer that hasn’t closed sketchup?

Let’s think about it. I someone with ill intent would have to know that I’m currently using sketchup. Find me IRL steal my laptop (which would require violence in my case) and open another file to get away with the same computer being logged in by a good guy and the day finished out by a bad guy.

Can we please be smart about when the software checks for bad guys? Pretty please?

situation - should trimble trust its loyal customers?
Different computer - yes
Different location - maybe
when first starting the software - sure. why not.
when we’ve been using the software all day without closing it - no! LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME DO MY JOB.