Packt Publishing free eBook of the day is about SketchUp



Great heads up! Worked for me.



Thank you for this information. I once bought a book from Packt Publishing about V-Ray and SketchUp. It was quite interesting. But the book you mentioned requires purchasing. I couldn’t find a way to download it free. :frowning:


I simply registered and then navigated to the appropriate page. No real problem.


Wow! Even for us non-architects this is an amazingly detailed sketchup resource. Over 400 pages!


I don’t think I will ever read this, but I got it since it is free!

Thanks :smiley:


While saving I’ve noticed that I had bought a copy already in the past :sunglasses:


I don’t know, the book reviewer seems a bit shady. Do you have a link to the offer page?

BTW, the book covers Unity as well as SketchUp.


I found the page, 19 hours to go:

Full disclaimer, I AM affiliated with Packt Publishing, but I won’t make any money off of sales of this book. Even if it wasn’t free.


I meant the book reviewer. That is, the person who reviewed the chapters as they were being written. AKA me.


This thread is a perfect example of the damage done to the forum by this sort of mass deletion.



seconded, a real pita