I look new here, but

Hey all, I actually joined this forum in 2011, but I forgot/lost my login and had to rejoin.

I asked Dave R about this one time, some of the people that were very helpful to me have disappeared.

I guess I know Gaieus, has become to busy, being a lawyer. But I never see some others that were incredibly helpful to me. Like mac7595, catamountain and especially Gully Foyle.

Gully amused me with his crotchety demeanor. But because I got where he was coming from, he let me get away with insulting him about it, plus I was always fairly specific in my questions.

Does anyone know how these former prolific posters are doing now?

Hello CJ, I certainly remember you.

If you look here… SketchUp_Sage - SketchUp Community … you’ll find all the Sages profiles.
Notice you can sort the Seen and Posted columns.

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Do you know of this site?

SketchUp Sage

Not sure how active it is.

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Thanks Geo, you are another one I should have included. I think you gave me “sage” advice when I was modeling a skate-park. I’ve just opened that link.

I too understand that @Gaieus is busy with other things. But @Gully_Foyle seems to have simply disappeared, which worries me.

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As it does me Anssi, which is why I was inquiring about him.

Gully disappeared temporarily a few years ago. When he returned to the forum he hinted that he had a medical issue that took him away from the forum for that period. He has not made an appearance here for quite a while now and I am also concerned about him.

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