Are some of the Sages missing?

Just curious, but it seems that a number of folks who were identified as “Sage” in the previous SketchUp Forum have either been demoted or have retired since the inception of the present SketchUp Community. Several notable individuals are no longer mentioned as sages. Was this an oversight or are new requirements in place to hold this exalted title?

You can find the requirements fo this level here.

You have to be able to bend a spoon with your mind.

-Gully (recently requalified up through medium soup ladle)

I understand that the 8 active sages are able to walk through walls and often teleport here and there.

One must be able to tame wild animals. My Dr. says the stitches can come out next week.


I have scars but I don’t know which of us got tamed



The face says, “I will agree to behave (most of the time), but you’re still not the boss of me.”

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Please check out the updated thread that outlines the levels.

As far as the body count changing… nobody has been demoted, but I think there are a handful of folks that haven’t been around as much lately, either due to an aversion to the new format or because life happens. (Though honestly I haven’t had any complaints about the new forum beyond disappointment that the old forum content didn’t come along.)

I know for sure this one tamed me, but then again, I’m not even close to being a sage :wink:
-And most likely never will be.



hissssssssssssssssss… I will tame all of you, cats! :wink: I am Santa Claws! Nah, I think you all tamed yourselves! You’re indoor cats now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You play well in the sand box.

We were once Wild, friendly cats…

And now we are internet house cats…

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OT: Sony must have put something in their Trinitron monitors as the one I had attracted the cat too. Switching to a flat screen caused nearly a disaster, as the nice, warm, flat top surface was suddenly missing and she was already midair on her way there.




How did all of you cat lovers hijack this thread?

My “bigdog” smiles all the time, even when slightly out of focus.

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Sorry, my fault. My only defense is that Geo started with a dog…


Okay, take that:


So all the sages are cats and dogs…now

Yes, we’re a motley pack; most were found wandering the streets or adopted from the Humane Society.

Wisconsin Shorthaired Curb Setter

Here’s the straight scoop on the All Volunteer Sages as it seems our hardworking @AlexB is somewhat still in the throes of sorting Badges, Trust Levels and Groups.

My keeshond striking a “sage” pose.

My avatar was cropped from this portrait of Illima

Catamountain (or catamount) is a term for a large wild cat found in North America, and here’s my internet alter-ego making a rare public appearance in SU


Does a stuffed moose count?