Are you missing badges?

Hello all you SketchUppers!

It seems some folks are missing badges…they have somehow disappeared randomly it seems! We are working on it. If you can reply here and tell us which badges you have noticed you are “missing” so we can catch the burglar – that would be splendid.


My Sage badge seems to be absent. I’m not sure what other badges should be there but aren’t.

As does mine, as I previously reported. Dave, you may or may not find that reassuring.


Well at least I know I’m not alone and I won’t take it personally. :slight_smile:

Sage badge missing and many others , but of course who keeps a list of those but you :smiling_imp:

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No badges are missing in my profile.

I am fine…
Unless you know to the contrary… :confounded:

Now I see my ‘Sage’ is gone ! :grimacing:

I just checked and I see that many of the sages are not listed under that category and even more confusing is the inclusion of several Trimble employees (SketchUp Team Members) who are identified as Sages.

Maybe it’s a test.

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or a re-appraisal…

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They are almighty! __

When I try to manually assign the “Sage” badge to ya’ll there is an error in the request – I wonder if it’s trying to tell me something :wink:

I am chatting with the Discourse team about it but those powers are gone (for now) :sparkles: :frowning:

…to see if Sagehood causes anyone with suppressed megalomaniacal tendencies to express them in a spontaneous outburst.

One may infer, after reading this thread that, along with the badges, we all may be missing a little bit of grey matter. :open_mouth:

Wait, what? Am I missing something? Does it show?

I see only 3 to use as titles, SketchUpper, 3D Basecamp Attendee and Rising Star. 10 badges are listed. There’s a selection of 7 badges under User Card Badge.

I still have my SketchUp Sage badge, but I can’t seem to find my cape ;(

I have been “de-Saged”.
I no longer have that badge, and so I don’t see it against my name in posts…
Was it something I said ?

What is going on ? It was all fine a few days ago ??

My Badges have just had ‘Top Contributor’ added…
But still ‘Sage’ has vanished…