Badges? We want our stinkin badge!

It’s been about 1 month since Basecamp. At basecamp, I was assured that we would get a forum badge because we attended.

Where’s the badge?

I want one too :smiley: . So far I’ve found the badges to be a bit silly and sometimes a bit funny and I haven’t really understood what they are for. A Basecamp batch however would be something to be proud of :3 .

Seems Attendance Badges are only for SUBC 2014 :cry:

I don’t have one from 2014 :open_mouth:

A badge? Is that it? Oh! what price popularity?
I got an entire Goodie-Bag in 2005…complete with travel blanket to keep me cosy on the journey home. :grin:

This is the only Basecamp Attendee ‘Badge’ available here at the Forum that I can find. Seems like it’s a little-known badge or '14 was a poorly-attended event since it’s only been awarded to 17 people!?

At 3DBase/Boot camp 2016, I talked to a SketchUp staffer who is one of the forum administrators (but I don’t recall exactly who) who assured me that there will be a badge, although it might be a repurpose of the existing badge by making it for any Basecamp.

I am disappointed that it hasn’t yet happened.

If anybody reading this has a connection to a forum admin, please call their attention to this thread!

Let us not forget what all 3DBC 2016 attendees found in their goodie-bags … a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator!

The embroidered blanket truly is a nice memento.
Thanks for sharing, @AlanF

Of course, now I have Blanket Envy in addition to Basecamp Badge Malaise. :wink:

But I have a Google SketchUp 8 T-shirt.


I got a SpaceNavigator too, some time back. But I have to confess it spends more time as a paperweight than anything else. (Sorry guys) Try as I might, I just couldn’t beat my dexterity with a scroll mouse.
It’s quite useful, though with a laptop on your knee, in front of the TV.

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I have two T-Shirts and two pairs of socks from BaseCamps… and no badge :frowning:

Trump VoiceNow I feel sad./Trump Voice

Hi @jasonwd! I’ve enabled the 2016 3D Basecamp badges, and I’ll add one to your name. It’s a manual process at this point so other users will need to request a badge if they want one :wink:

I’ll try to stay ahead of this for 2018 so we hope to see you there!


Maybe someone at a software company could find a way to automatically hand out badges, just an idea :stuck_out_tongue: .

Anyhow I’m glad I got my badge for last years basecamp :smiley:

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I’ll do some digging :slight_smile:

There should be a list of email addresses for each basecamp attendee. That list could be used to find users in the forum who have attended and then grant the badge.

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Thaaanks!! Is there one for 2012 :smile:

Here’s me (the bald one) on the SU blog drunkenly trying to win the SketchUp shootout. Who thought it was a good idea to give round winners booze vouchers??!!