WishList for next 3D Boot/Basecamp

Everything was so awesome, and thank you to all of the SketchUp staff. for making my first Basecamp so incredible.

Perhaps, also, for next time…

  • Lanyards with names on both sides.

  • Different-Looking Lanyards for Helpers: SU employees, Proctors, Presenters, Sages or anyone that people can ask for help with something. Maybe a different color paper or string? Maybe… Sparkles? :wink: :sparkling_heart:


They did have different colors for those people as you described, just half of the times, the tags were flipped :smiley:

Maybe LED for the sparkles?

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The different color name backgrounds were for different groups of people? I wondered why mine was yellow. Yellow has a terrible contrast with white letters.
Were the strings around our necks different colors and I didn’t notice?

The strings were just plain Trimble ones.

I think Yellow was meant to be for presenters.

and green were normal, or Sages (they didn’t get different colors)

Red were the SketchUp Teams.

I think Blue was there, but I don’t know what they are for.
Somebody had explained this to me, but I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. As Joseph described yellow was for presenters, red for SketchUp/LayOut staff and blue for attendees.

I don’t know if the sages had a unique color. There were only three of us in attendance and I had yellow.

I agree, Katya, the cards could have names on both sides. Or maybe there could be a chest strap to keep the tag from spinning around. :smiley:

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Fewer sessions that are, in effect, long sales pitches for the presenter’s product.

I’m not referring to the ‘survey’ sessions that presented LOTS of extensions, just the single topic ones where you had to read the details closely to realize that it focused on one - usually expensive - extension.

For Bootcamp, organize the sessions into “tracks”, such as:

SU Beginner

Layout Basics


Advanced topics in …

I found the “People” listings in the App to be very helpful in remembering, learning about and accessing various people during and after BootCamp/Basecamp sessions. I’m a novice to this sort of feature but if there’s a way to make the list more complete, possibly by using attendee sign-up info with privacy options/settings?, it could enable greater sharing/collaboration before, during and after the event. Just sayin’…


Red = Trimbler
Yellow = Presenter
Green = Attendee

Sages in attendance were Green unless, like @DaveR, were a Presenter with Yellow tag.

A tag with attendee’s name on both sides would eliminate the chronic flipped name tag problem.
Perhaps make the tag 2x longer and folded in half … Name on the outsides and the schedule inside.

I think a ‘personalize your tag’ craft corner stocked with glue, sparkles, beads and ornamental varieties of pasta would be loads of fun.

Anyone recall the young fellow who 3D printed his tag?


Yep. He’s almost my neighbor.

Make them have the exact same print on both sides so they cannot be flipped!

Also, please don’t have an app. I don’t have a smartphone and still have no idea what was actually happening in the app. A website that is available both on phones and computers would be great.


I disagree, having the app was actually a blast.
But you are right with the point about the computers. It was a bit disappointing that I couldn’t access the great content on my computer.

Just to add to the WishList - Some people like myself or @eneroth3 were from abroad and had to rely on hotel/conference wifi which was quite temperamental. Wifi would be working, then if I had not used it for couple of minutes, it would be completely disconnected until i go back to “logon” screen again. - I did this at least couple dozens of times every day. This connectivity isn’t ideal for people not having cellular internet.

I think 700 people or even half that many trying to use the same few wifi access points puts a heavy load on the system. Compared to some previous Basecamp venues, I thought the Sheraton did a respectable job with the wifi.

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Improving an already perfect event would be a tough thing to write about but nevertheless, with no offence to Basecamp 2016 (as it was more than perfect), I did want to put these thoughts around:

  1. It would have been great if the app also allowed us to see who all were attending which session ( becomes easier to keep track of which events are attended by friends so you could follow up those sessions with them during lunch or simply to use it as a networking opportunity with Sketchup who and who’s)

  2. If the Basecamp app could make public during the camp days the whereabouts or location of all sketchup greats or even the attendees who are willing to have their location shared among other attendees as well from networking point of view would have been an additional help

  3. Having sponsor/product presentations during lunch time or after all sessions complete could help bring down no. of parallel sessions.

  4. Having a donation box at the event itself where we attendees could donate a few dollars towards a cause -say- to help sponsor through a lucky draw another few attendees (in addition to the ones, sketchup team already did) for the next Basecamp.

  5. I came across a few people who were good at what they did but poor in networking or coming in front to share their work even when they wanted to. Was lucky enough to talk to those people too and learn but I see great potential in the app for letting such people take part or post their learnings or views anonymously in the app (Some don’t post there due to an introvert nature)


The event was really amazing, and felt seamless to me.

Perhaps to expedite things for those struggling with WiFi, maybe a big poster in a hallway showing the events in each location, complete with timetables?

@mahavir92 Opt-in location reporting might be awesome, as long as people could choose who can see their location and who can’t. Some SketchUppers, of course, won’t want to constantly be tracked. Especially the ladies. Is it not easy enough to message specific people with the app, and ask to meet up by mutual consent? Or to ask people to introduce you personally to whomever you want to meet?
I kinda would like for some of the SketchUp employees to know where to find me at any moment, though. That could be handy.

I liked the app, especially that it could show me the schedule offline, which was great specifically because of the frequency with which I was offline.

@eneroth3, next time, maybe I can get you a smartphone with data to use temporarily? I am sure we can figure out something, there is plenty of time, at least.


@katyakean I completely agree, it should be with consent and using the ‘+’ sign next to the attendees could prove handy for that feature-if both parties add each other, could help share mutual information. Definitely it could increase the flow of sketchup and other skill based information among attendees to a large extent. I dint mean all to share their locations-just the Mainstream ones interested to. But seing your point, it does make sense that privacy is a concern. But at the same time adding a location system to be shared among friends added through the app after each other’s approval could be a great tool in itself (not that this is needed).
The app is great, like i said before…But just thinking about it’s version 2.0-3.0 gets the brain ticking as to the potential of improving it to be the biggest networking platform during events such as Basecamp. I loved everything about Basecamp-specially the app !! and my 2nd 3D mouse :wink:

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Thank you SketchUp for this fantastic event!

One color isn’t mentioned yet, orange was for vendors.
I agree on the same print on both sides. Although I very much liked the app, being able to also use the app functionality on my computer would be great.
About the wifi, ok it always can be better, but it was the best wifi I’ve had on all base and devcamps I attended. Please don’t forget 650 geeks is a lot of wifi connections.

Indeed a lot of presentations were sales pitches for the presenter’s product. The strange thing is that this wasn’t the intension of SketchUp. Because when we asked to give a presentation we were refused because they didn’t want sales presentations. Even when we asked for moment to teach our product at Bootcamp (it was refused)

One big remark on my side, please if you give the extension developers a presentation moment don’t do this on the last day, but in the beginning of basecamp! This way people get a short overview and have the time to visit the boot during the rest of basecamp for a more deep presentation.
Please also provide decent projectors! I and I think also the audience don’t like presenting / watching SketchUp at VGA resolution or lower. Thank to the great audience for the understanding of this technical problem.


Good point. I agree with that. With that many devices (phones, tablets, laptops) hogging up the data…But for some reason, it kept disconnecting me upon idle and directed to login screen every time i was trying to reconnect. Maybe it was just me. Just a bit more difficult for someone who doesn’t have working phone service abroad.

I just need someone to pay for data roaming fee, no need for smartphone :stuck_out_tongue:

I still don’t see the need for an app. What can be done in an app that can’t be done in a web browser? Did the app interact directly with the hardware in ways not supported by HTML5?

Regarding the screen resolution I suspect it was low so the audience could read the text but I’m not sure.

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Those were provided by an AV company. As an instructor and presenter, I thought they did a superior job of keeping everything working. As for the VGA projectors, it might have been nice to have higher resolution but I didn’t hear from anyone that they couldn’t see what they needed to see.