Basecamp 2024?

So is there a Basecamp 2024 happening? I’ve searched in these forums and elsewhere and there doesn’t seem to be a lick of information about it. Did I miss the memo or am I just impatient?

In last Friday’s live stream, they hinted that they were sitting on an announcement, but wouldn’t reveal anything as yet. Just playing with us for the moment, but I think they have plans.

Thanks for a quick response! I hope they stop playing soon…

Just got the email today :slight_smile:
" SketchUp’s award-winning user conference will be back November 11-14, 2024 — with a twist! This time, 3D Basecamp is part of Dimensions, Trimble’s annual user conference in Las Vegas."


darn, I hoped it would be canada again :slight_smile:


I am trying to decide if Basecamp is worth the trip. Can anyone share their experience? I have been using SU since it was created but in many ways, it seems I am still way behind. Is the conference good? Is it fun?

Absolutely! It’s fun and intense. Sometimes it’s hard to push yourself to another level what with all the other demands in life. The conference lets you push everything else aside for a while and concentrate on the subject. 3DBC 2018 is where I finally gave Layout a concerted try with the classes presented. The best part is meeting people face to face.


Yes it s just amazing. Don’t miss it!