SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2016


Basecamp this year is June 13th - 15th Register here!

This group is for all Basecamp attendees to discuss anything related to Basecamp. Feel free to arrange a carpool, organize a room share or just make a new friend beforehand. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

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Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Its about time!

its unfortunate that i will be too far away from it.


Great Alex … Get-in!


Hi everybody,

You guys are all officially the first to know: 3D Basecamp 2016 is coming to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, June 13th - 15th. Read more about the event on the SketchUpdate blog, or visit for more information.

Hope to see you in Steamboat!



I’m in! Looking forward to it.



I’m in (ordered the ticket right away). Basecamp + some mountain biking perhaps… Nice to see the mountains in summer this time.


The mountain biking in Steamboat is great! Let me know if you want some tips on trails to explore!


It’s about time I go to a Basecamp! It sounds amazing.


I plan to be there too. Still trying to determine if I can come to Bootcamp as well.



I dont understand what is it. Is it a camp for tranning Sketchup’s skills or something? What kind of tranning if its that?


Can anyone tell me; if I were to fly in from Pittsburgh and attend both Bootcamp and Basecamp…what the best booking arrangements for flight and accomodations would be through?


@ jp and abellabbe

I’d encourage you both to check out There’s lots of info there about the event and also travel/lodging!



Ok I just read it ! I saw the video of 1 hour of talking ! Is it more talking or practice ? Im ok with english but i dont know if I will understand everythings if we talk on a long period. Will I be lost if i miss a part? Im interested for both camp.



It’s true that both 3D Basecamp and 3D Bootcamp will be conducted in
English. In the case of 3D Bootcamp, we expect that there will be more
hands-on modeling that happens during the event. Even so, I’d have to say
that English would be the language that instructions will be delivered in.


@abellabbe, there’s a lot of opportunity to ask questions if you miss something during a presentation, at breakfast, lunch, dinner and late into the evening :slight_smile:


@Mark Am i better take the Yampa Valley Regional Airport? If i want to stay a week, will i have the competitive rate for 3D Basecamp attendees at two great hotels. Thanks !


I saw that they have a promotional code when registering. Is that for a discount and if so, what is the code?


Denver will be the best to fly into, then shuttle or rental.

I’d recommend staying at either of the 2 accommodations that give the discount, it’s about the same for in town basic hotels.



Hi @abellabbe

Sorry I missed this post. The answer is: it depends. As you can see, the Yampa Valley airport is a bit more expensive than flying into Denver, but you probably save a bit of time (depending on whether you have a long layover), and you don’t have to pay for the shuttle to Steamboat from the airport. I believe the hotel will honor the conference rate for your entire stay; I’ll double check.