SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2016

It would be great to get a tour together. I assume you can hire good bikes there, it’s a long way to bring a bike from Australia. :slight_smile:

are you talkin Harley’s, Husky’s or Trec?


I was thinking mountain bikes yet forty bikes would also be great. I don’t
trust myself on the road bikes. …

I am thinking about attending Basecamp. I am wondering how much I will learn in two days.
The one thing I want to learn about is Layout. I couldn’t make heads or tails out of it in the free trial.
Is layout something that will be covered at Basecamp?
Other things I would like to learn about is making and using dynamic components and making and sharing materials.

Seems like a few people are interested in biking here. I’ll be bringing my bike! Mark, I’d love some tips on area trails, and if anyone would like to get together for some rides that would be awesome. -Brendan

Just signed up for Basecamp/bootcamp session this summer and looking forward to it! Am interested in carpooling to/from Hayden Airport if the timing works, and possible lodging. Let me know if anyone is thinking the same thing. thx, Keea


I’m coming no matter what, but maybe someone can help me: Can anyone there in Colorado tell me when is the tree pollen season in Steamboat?

Someone told me that June is when the cottonwood fluff flies around, which actually coincides with grass pollen season, not tree pollen season, so that would be fine for me.


Hi Mark.
When do you announce the program? gotta plan with work and family whether I’m going or not

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[quote=“lars, post:32, topic:15312”]
Hi Mark. When do you announce the program? [/quote]

Yes, Great question @lars.

I’ve been meaning to ask this myself… This trip would cost a bit of money (~ $2,000 everything factored in) and the worthwhileness of it all sort of hinges on the depth of information to be presented.

Hi everybody,

We’re planning to announce the program on our blog in a few days, but I’m happy to offer a first look at the 3D Basecamp Program right now to folks on the SketchUp Forums!

Thanks for your patience; as you can see, we are working hard to make this a spectacular event.

One note about the program: we will also be offering beginner and intermediate training at Basecamp (alongside the presentations and workshops you can see on the website). We expect to have 3-6 hours of hands-on training available during the event. Those training sessions are being planned now (as part of 3D Bootcamp).


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The Skalp Team will be present at 3D Basecamp!

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Will be attending the basecamp this summer and interested in carpooling to/from Hayden/denver Airport as well as lodging. Have identified quite a few reasonable places to stay close to the venue. Do get in touch if anyone interested. This will be my first visit to USA from INDIA. Very excited to meet makers as well !!
P.S. Could anyone shed light on whether train or greyhound services connect closeby to Steamboat Springs?

Oh, one more thing. !!! :smiley: anyone from INDIA attending this ? :wink:

Train service: No.

Greyhound has 1 trip/day to/from Downtown Denver.

If you’re interested in camping, contact me via private message. Some details of our campsite here

btw, anyone from UK who is attending this? :grin:

Full schedule ,??? Mark??

I’ll be there! I arrive @ Denver the 8th

Twinmotion team will present its 3D immersion and VR technology at 3D Basecamp!

Check our last event at Architect@Work Copenhagen:

any plans for the next one? US/UK/EU?

The official basecamps are always in the US. I think the next one is going to be inside Denver. SketchUcation has also organized one basecamp in UK.