3D Basecamp 2020: Call for speakers

Greetings SketchUpland,

Believe it or not, it’s time for us to take an early look at speakers (and instructors) for 3D Basecamp 2020! Obviously, we’ll be filling the roster with legends of Basecamps past… but we’re also looking for people out there who we may not know (where are you? :thinking:) or who haven’t let us know they want to step up to the podium! As you all know, the event will be bigger in 2020, so we’re expanding our search.

Please submit your proposal for 3D Basecamp here

*It’s early – so early in fact – that this isn’t even the form we’ll be using to collect detailed presentation info. This is just an initial call for speakers (form is pretty basic; we just want to know who you are) as we begin our round-up of the best SketchUppers out there.

Josh & the 3DBC Team


Sketchup is such a versatile tool, I’d love to see alternative uses, people using SU in other fields besides architecture and engineering. How about a series of short presentations from artists, game developers, crime scene investigators that use SU for court illustrations, interior designers, lighting developers, etc, there are so many people out there using SU in ways that will amaze.Show us how you use Sketchup.


Fat Pencil Studio (Joshua Cohen) does some great illustrations in this zone of work.


Will there be a DevCamp as well? I’m somewhat slightly thinking about maybe doing a presentation on extension UX design, but then I’d had to make preparations and do stuff.


Hey @eneroth3, we’re just spinning up the planning stages, but we expect that there will be a DevCamp in some form… although we think it’s worth considering a new approach. I think you should consider doing a presentation… even if that means you have to do stuff. :grin:


Do you accept people from Europe too?


Of course! We’d love to have people from all around the world present at 3D Basecamp!


If I can ever make some head way on the engineering piece of my plugins it would be really cool to be able to demonstrate and discuss how one can automate certain structural engineering tasks and calculations all within SketchUp. I am hoping to make some serious head way on this topic in the next few months.

I would be very interested in attending a presentation by Christina Eneroth, UX design and any other development related topic would be very educational and informative.


It’s probably too early for most to submit final presentation titles, but we can consolidate areas of interest (not only from attendees, but also potential presenters). After all, potential presenters don’t want to overlap with presentations of others.

Does someone know a good online tool for collaborative brainstorming or collecting and voting for keywords/tags?


I could possibly do something on how I use Match Photo, especially for existing condition models and addition renovation projects. There are a bunch of examples in my gallery thread here. In a couple weeks, I’ll be teaching Match Photo to my high school class students.


This is certainly needed, @Aerilius. Stay tuned everyone: we’ll provide a good way to capture presentation/workshop ideas in the near future… this post was mainly to start gathering basic info from people that haven’t been a presenter before. We’d like to find some new speakers that might be out there since 3DBC2020 will be a bigger event – but we’d still like to keep individual sessions to a reasonable size. For now, use the aforementioned form to submit ideas. We want to capture as many session ideas (and presenters) as possible, so please feel free to send an idea to us even if you think someone else might be doing it!


I’m glad to find this thread!
@Josh, and would there be a way to know last year’s feedback for people who presented? I’d like to know if there is anything that I can improve on, and perhaps include similar subject but slightly different to keep the content interesting again?


Hey @josephkim626, good timing on that question because we are currently sending out that information to presenters (some have already received their feedback). You should see an email from our 3D Basecamp account sometime this month. We’re sorry that it has taken us this long to deliver that feedback to you, but it’s headed your way soon!

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Oh, no problem. @Josh.
It just somehow popped in my head, and was just checking. Will await on those.
Is there anything that you guys need from the people who has taken part last year, and looking to take part again?
I wonder if it would be beneficial to stick to the same content, or better be revised or different.

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There will be plenty of people at 3DBC2020 who might be at their first 3D Basecamp – and more session content for everyone to choose from in general – so it isn’t necessarily bad to deliver the same/similar content as in 2018. These are the kinds of questions our team will be happy to answer as we sift through presentation submissions later on this year and into next year (we’ll be better able to answer that question when we evaluate your submission alongside potentially similar submissions). Still lots of time left, so I’d suggest thinking of ways to spice up what you did last time, while expanding upon aspects of your presentation that really resonated with people. As I mentioned earlier, this thread was mainly to capture some new potential presenters out there, so you have time before we start the official submission gathering.

I’m in a similar position to you, as I gave a presentation at 3DBC Sydney last month that people seemed to like… but I see some opportunities to take a slightly different direction for parts of it if I decide to do a v2 of that presentation.

Feel free to ask us for help along the way if you need it.


Greatly appreciated Josh. Thank you so much for this response.
Talk to you soon :slight_smile:

I would like to see someone who is familiar with the BIM workflow and could show us how to implement it in SketchUp.

*Brief intro of the concept of BIM.
*How the AEC industry in Holland has developed a standard for information exchange. (BIM ILS)
*How to setup your model for true IFC export.
*How we all could benefit from this.



Do you accept people from India?

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