Presenters needed for 3D Basecamp 2020

Serious planning has begun for 3D Basecamp 2020! We have the venue, are deep in planning the swag, festivities, and social opportunities… now all we need is you!

That is… we need you IF you are up for presenting at Basecamp 2020! If you are a practicing professional (or really good hobbyist) with something great to show about SketchUp and have experience speaking in front of others, click the link below to let us know what you think you could present!

A couple of things to know before you submit your idea:

  1. The same form is used for both 90-minute hands-on workshops and 60-minute presentation
  2. Presenters need to be prepared to present up to once per day (that means you could be delivering your presentation up to thee times at Basecamp)
  3. Presenters may be required to submit video examples of their presentation skills
  4. Presenters may be asked to submit materials early (you MAY need to have your presentation done a month or so BEFORE Basecamp)

If this sounds like something that you are wanting to do, and you think that Basecamp attendees have something to learn from you, click below and let us know!!



I feel like I submitted something earlier, but maybe not. Either way, I’d be glad to submit a proposal for something on Match Photo techniques.

Edit: Done