PS Bootcamp Wishlist

Hi All,
Would like to request a Bootcamp session on using Trimble Connect.


How about a 3D printing intensive? Major topics to include:

  • Importing models from common 3D project repositories
  • Avoiding unprintable models
  • SketchUp Features/Extensions to make your workflow smooth
  • Exporting to files usable by slicers/tool path generators

This is awesome, guys! Keep the ideas coming!

I’d go to that! I’ve used SU for 19+ years but never touched Trimble Connect and hardly knows what it is for.

Introduction to plugin development could make a good session. Maybe even two sessions! One for those that never have written a line of code (what is code? what is the console? what is a text file? why do I have to get the syntax right? why can’t the computer just understand what I mean despite the spelling errors? etc) and one for people who have coded before but not specifically sketchup extensions (SketchUp DOM, entity types, wrapping operations, namespaces, wrapping in an extension, best practices etc).


That would be really great!!

  • How about a session on SU/Thea interaction (proxies and the use of Skatter)?
  • A training session on using Layout?
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I’d be willing to bet my lunch that will happen.


How about a session about Solid Tools.

I’d like to see @eneroth3 and @medeek together on a panel discussing their approaches to extension development.

Not the actual programming, but how they choose which problems they want to solve.

@medeek seems to have decided to attack highly detailed problems and create tools (Truss and Foundation plugins) that provide a wide range of options.

In contrast, @eneroth3 creates many small specific tools that help with specific small (relative to @medeek) modeling problems.

I’d be fascinated to be there when they are on stage together discussing their approach to extension development. I’d also like to invite readers of this forum to suggest one or two more extension developers for inclusion on the panel.

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I’m planning on attending Basecamp for the first time but I would have no idea what to present or discuss on a panel. I’m still pretty “green” in the SketchUp world.

At Basecamp I’m looking forward to rubbing shoulders with other developers and also architects and designers who have similar interests as myself.

I would like to see the latter, a good session on coding simple plugins, maybe even creating a short simple one as a follow along or if is somebody was willing to provide editable code to an existing one we can re-make or edit in the workshop.

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Panel discussion sounds like a good idea! I’m not planning to have any presentation myself as I don’t even know where to start, but if there is a panel discussion “managed” by a host asking questions you can count me in!


Me too…

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As I said in my reply, I’m interested in your process. What caused you to decide to develop your app? Any stumbles on your creation path that would enlighten others? In your specific case, why did you jump in with such complex apps instead of doing a few simpler things first?

And I’d like to compare/contrast your experience with @eneroth3’s - and perhaps one or two more extension developers.

I think such a panel discussion would be fascinating!

So, in your case, being a newbie to both Basecamp and extension development would add a POV to such a panel that otherwise might not be expressed.


Now that I’ve thought more about this, I’m wondering if I might not be a good person to moderate this discussion at Basecamp! I’d call myself an intermediate SketchUp user who has a long ago formal programming education (predates OOP) but no extension creation experience. Here are some question I’d start with:

  • Please describe your programming knowledge, both in general and Ruby specific, BEFORE you started on your first extension.
  • What resources did you use to learn what you needed to give yourself confidence to start on your first extension?
  • What obstacle to extension creation did you most struggle with?
  • I’m sure they’ll be more, but I’d limit this somewhat to allow the discussion to go wherever it wants to go - and to allow audience questions!

So … What do y’all think? Should I volunteer to moderate this proposed panel discussion?

Aside to @Tig: Is you “Me Too …” reply an offer to join this panel?

Aside to @medeek: Would you be a panelist as I’ve described it?


With a well prepared host to moderate the discussion, I think I can buy off on it. It would be helpful to have a list of the questions before hand so I can give it some thought rather than being too spur of the moment and ill prepared for the discussion.

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Hi Layout Team, in follow up to the thread Layout 2018 Not Up To Par, I would like to suggest a hands on seminar/round table where we can show you our real world day to day challenges using LO w SU on our setups (maybe connected to projectors for all to see) with our workflows. Best.


In general it would be very interesting with sessions where SketchUp team members watch how people use SketchUp. It’s easy to forget what it’s like to be a user.


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