Wish List for Basecamp 2020!

I’m adding a TL;DR summary. Many of the suggestions in the summary come from other forum members. If I misquote you or miss something in the summary, please reply below or PM me and I’ll try to adjust to capture your wish more accurately. If you take issue with the suggestions, try to find the originator of the suggestion in the posts below, and quote them, not my summary :rofl: and remember the forum code of conduct.

Wish Summary for Basecamp September 2020 in Vancouver:

  • Student Pricing
  • Softer Music Volume at Party and Keynote to facilitate conversations
  • Breakout Sessions by the pins/profession
  • Icons of the Pins on Breakfast Tables
  • Forum names on badges or some way to add it
  • Limit attendance growth to keep atmosphere inviting
  • Forum name prominent on badges
  • Given name prominent on badges
  • Forum link on last slide (QR Code?) to facilitate further discussion
  • Sketchup “Personality” and skill level test to help attendees pick appropriate sessions and help schedulers and curriculum developers make decisions
  • Insulated coffee/adult beverage cups as swag
  • Only have sessions that teach practical skills (i.e. no “let me share my portfolio” sessions)
  • Introduce sages and SU team at the opening session
  • Forum Lounge near Knowledge Cafe, or some area of the Knowledge Cafe
  • Drop the Basecamp App and use the forum instead
  • 4D SketchUp model of the venue to help attendees plan what to attend and how to get there
  • Volunteer forum promoters in designated forum promotion area

Original Post
Palm Springs was a fantastic Basecamp, and such a polished event! It really set a high bar for the next one in Vancouver BC. I’m sure there is plenty of feedback from the classes, but for general feedback, I thought I might start this thread?

My main request, since the size of Basecamp is growing as well as the ticket cost, is for student pricing. I’ve wanted to bring my children, who’ve been Sketchup users since they were 8. They will be 17 at the next one, and I would love for them to be able to attend. Even if the pricing was only for those with .edu email accounts, that would be fantastic.


Thanks for starting this thread, Jesse!

We definitely welcome any and all feedback about this year’s 3D Basecamp, particularly the ways we can make 2020 even better! Thanks in advance for sharing :slight_smile:


Lower music volume at the party and before the keynote to make it easier to communicate withe each other would be great!


I would love to have breakout sessions by profession (by the pins would be perfect!). I couldn’t find anyone that uses SketchUp quite like I do :frowning:

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What are you using SketchUp for?

We model heavy civil construction sites! I am usually modeling concrete structures such as bridges, end stops, and culverts, but also have utilized it for clash detection within water treatment facilities!

Another idea would be to also put big icons based on the different pins on the breakfast tables as a suggestion for where to sit?

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(Whislist for Basecamp 2020? Basecamp 2019…)

Forum names (and/or) avatars on the badges.


Keep the attendee size around the same, I think it was a good balance but what made it unique was that it was quite personal, a lot of conferences become sterile and impersonal when the numbers grow.


LOL, did I get it wrong, or are you wishing for another one next year?


I agree, I go to WEFTEC, which is so big there are only a couple of venues large enough to hold it. For many, I think they only go for the CEUs.

I second this - 42 times!

And the forum name should be prominent! I’m sure I brushed against quite a few forum members with forum names unrelated (or barely related) to their real names - and whose avatars aren’t face shots! And missed making a connection. I’d like to be able to recognize these people by forum name, yet was frustrated at Basecamp 2018.

I know I missed @Medeek. I saw him on the last panel of the last day, but couldn’t linger. And I’ll bet I came close to, but missed introducing myself to @Box.


I wouldn’t have minded the regular names a little larger as well, you couldn’t read it from across the tables.

I did really appreciate them being on both sides though, that was fantastic!


Steven, I’m sorry, when @liamk887 and I pulled up front on Sunday, it was already time to collect for dinner and we were pretty beat and hadn’t even dropped our bags. I figured we’d be sure to run into you some other time, but somehow didn’t. Perhaps forum members need a special, extra badge with a prominent avatar. I did, BTW, put a head shot in the attendee database for the app. It was nice of Trimble to throw a dinner for the Forum Sages, but there are a lot of us that aren’t sages. It was invaluable that once I met a couple members, they were able to point others.

I too was hoping to meet @medeek, and didn’t. I was a bit preoccupied the morning of the last day. Meeting the people I did meet was the best part, including forum members, SU team, and even complete strangers.


I had one immediate thought at the end of the first session I attended. Typically at the end of any session, there are questions and what not which get cut off due to time, and the presenter might provide some contact info and comment something like, “Corner me sometime else during the conference and I can answer more questions.”

Each presentation should have in the final slide a link like, “forums.sketchup.com/3D Basecamp 2018/Continue the Discussion/MyPresentation.” with a link to a thread in the Forums dedicated to that presentation and started by the speaker. Simple, organized, won’t get lost in the shuffle and might get even more participation in the forums. I was a bit surprised at the number of people who weren’t familiar with the forums, and even confused this one with Sketchucation.


Its an easy thing to do, I have been using SketchUp for over 10 years and I only heard about this forum a little over a year ago. Before that I only knew of SketchuCation


We tried for this but were overruled :slight_smile: Perhaps next time!


Please do this next time. I’ve missed several people as I their AFK name and appearance didn’t match that of the forum :confused: .


I think a lot of people missed me because I wasn’t wearing ThomThom’s bowler. :smiley:


Maybe it’s 20-20 hindsight here, but it doesn’t even need to be an official part of the admission badge. We could just make up some grass roots concept for a separate clip-on name badge or pin that’s got Forum name and avatar on it.