Wish List for Basecamp 2020!


I like it, if we can’t get it on the official badge, maybe we can have a label printer in the Knowledge cafe or something?


I just asked for a black marker in the lobby, to write my forum name “Wo3Dan” on my badge.
Next time I’ll have a T-shirt with my “name” on it.


Good idea.

I wonder if I can find that prairie dog that took ThomThom’s hat and convince it to go to Vancouver…


A T-shirt is an interesting idea too.


I was only able to attend Thursday and Friday, I met a few people but I probably missed quite a few of you since there were so many people there and I was basically lost in the throng.

I agree that the name tags need to have the person’s name in bigger text, especially for us older people (40+). I literally had to be 5 ft away from ThomThom before I could read his name tag and then realized I was standing next to a SketchUp God (never having met him before in person).


I also think a bigger basecamp (following the previous growth rate and demand by users) would make use get lost in the crowd of many people we don’t know and find only half the people we wanted to meet.


This one may be a little off the wall, but what about doing some testing to find the best use case “tracks” and then schedule to reduce the difficulty in choosing which lecture or workshop to attend? I know many I talked to were torn between two or three?

Sort of like a “SketchUp personality” survey and skill level assessment? Maybe I’m just too much of a data-nerd, but perhaps it could also help drive the curriculum development for the bootcamp? I think the sages could likely help come up with some effective questions to classify the skill levels of users and the test could determine the typical gaps in knowledge within the beginner, intermediate, and expert skill levels. Like show two pictures, and ask what tool and modifier key you would use to get from “A” to “B”.

I know that some might feel that it’s hard to “classify” the use cases and that much of the fun of Basecamp is exploring how others use SketchUp in totally unrelated workflows, but the survey could be designed to accommodate that.


Hi. Not so much a wish item as a scheduling question. Are the dates set, or even a range? I work in a museum, and our calendar stretches out several years for installation planning purposes. Thanks!


After having been to two base camp, I can tell you that SketchUp users like to drink; coffee and/or adult beverages. I’d like to suggest coffee cups or insulated cups as part of the next bling package.


Yes, insulated cups. Would keep my Irish coffee warm for longer… (not that they last very long)


The SketchUp thermos that was included in the recent Basecamp bling package works very well for hot or cold beverages. I have used mine each day since returning home and many colleagues want to know where to get one.

Without pointing fingers at anyone, I recommend that sessions that simply offer examples of the presenter’s work in SketchUp without explaining how the results were obtained should be eliminated. I hope that the 2020 Basecamp sessions will focus on educating SU participants in methodologies for upgrading or improving SketchUp skills.

Suggested examples:

PhotoMatch Capability Step by Step instructions
Layout - Step by Step instructions for novices
Layout - Step by Step instructions for intermediate users
Site planning and terrain modeling with SketchUp
A session focusing on a simple exercise in organic modeling (step by step)
Sessions focusing on plugins (and how to use them) recommended for specific disciplines (e.g. architecture, landscape design, city planning, construction film making, etc.)

Introduction of the sages at some point during the initial session - this could merely be a quick mention of the names of those individuals or having those who are present to stand and be recognized.

Set aside a specific time and place for a photo session for the SU Team and the Sages (together or separately).

As an afterthought, I must mention that this was my first Basecamp; as a licensed architect and former card carrying member of the American Institute of Architects, this event far exceeded my expectations and, even though I have enjoyed and benefited from participating in a number of AIA annual conventions, I found this Basecamp experience to be so much more enjoyable and productive than any of my past AIA event experiences.


It does. And how does it know?

Reminds me of a story. A couple a fellas was having lunch on the job site. One of them says to the other, "Hey. Whatcha got dere den? Other fella says, “It’s a termos. It keeps hot tings hot und cold tings cold.”

“Whatcha got in it?” asks the first guy.

“Chicken soup and two scoops of ice cream.” says the second.

@eneroth3, Christina I’d have told you this one about Sven and Ole if there’d been time. :smiley:


Har de har harr and a few more Yuk Yuks too. :laughing:

but I said “hot or cold”. Maybe we need to perfect that container that keeps tings hot und cold at der same time.


You should have used ‘xor’ , though :joy::smiley:

(Geekmode out)


jvleearchitects; I noticed “PhotoMatch Capability Step by Step instructions” in your Suggested Examples list for BaseCamp 2020. Curious if you attended my MatchPhoto for Contractors Workshop in Palm Springs and found it lacking of it you were unaware of it. Your objective reply is most welcome as I fully hope(d) to provide material for ‘educating SU participants’ with the presentation. Regards, Matt


It might be nice to have a Forum Lounge set aside so that those of us on the forum have a place to go between times and know that most people there are part of the forum, possibly adjacent to the knowledge cafe, this would make it easier to just walk up to people and introduce yourself by username.


Hi @micthorn… you can save the date for September 2020!



I did not come to that event…I was not aware that this subject was being presented. I registered for Basecamp sessions in much the same way as I scheduled college classes back in the day, in that every hour from morning to evening was occupied, so I probably would not have been able to attend the PhotoMatch workshop even if I had known about it.


@thedigitaljobsite, I had to hunt through the schedule to figure out why I missed it, you were on during the Bootcamp, and many only had the Basecamp Ticket. How was the turnout for your session?


The main thing is that you found a worthwhile selection of excellent workshops and presentations to fill your schedule… if ‘they’ ask me to I’ll strongly consider presenting the workshop in 2020. Your comments suggest the presentation might be broken into a Part I and Part II for better assimilation by interested BaseCampers. As it was there wasn’t time in the 1 1/2 hour session to cover some “advanced” application scenarios I had hoped to go over. Plus I learned a couple new things from high caliber participants in the audience that I’d incorporate into any future workshops.