Save the date: 3D Basecamp 2018 is coming

You may have heard the rumors… 3D Basecamp is coming to Palm Springs, California from September 24-28, 2018! Get the details.

Already know you’re in? Then let’s start planning! If you’re looking for a carpool or a dinner recommendation, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to use this thread to make travel arrangements or plans with other Basecampers.

Have a specific question? Try our FAQ page for help.

See ya in Palm Springs!


Already started planning, cant wait.

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I wonder if the list of speakers will be added to. Out of 16 or so speakers, only one is a woman. Is that intentional? An oversight? Are there so few women who use SketchUp and can teach?

Thanks for your interest in 3D Basecamp @jbrennan! Those included on the website so far are our preliminary speakers, and we’re definitely working on expanding that list. If you know anyone who might want to join the ranks as a speaker for next year’s event, please encourage them to submit a proposal idea. Thanks!

I’m looking forward to attending my first Basecamp, but will you be posting more detail on what’s included in each ticket type (trainings, presentations, other events, presenters, etc.) so I can choose the schedule that’s best for me?

Maybe this helps,

The 2-Day Training ticket entitles you to two days of hands-on Bootcamp training. You’ll be working directly in SketchUp almost all day, and we’ll have a farewell happy hour for you to celebrate at the end.

The 3-Day Conference ticket entitles you to three days of both 3D Basecamp sessions as well as the essential Bootcamp training.

The 3-Day Conference ticket is less focused on industry-specific and advanced training, but you get more time to digest what you learn and socialize with your fellow Basecampers. This ticket also features the 3D Basecamp keynote, as well as our legendary 3D Basecamp party.


I’m a bit confused though myself as there are two paragraphs about 3 day conference tickets. Isn’t there also a 5 day both-conference-and-bootcamp ticket? @Caroline. Or does the bootcamp run parallel to the conference this time?

In 2016, I attended both Bootcamp and Basecamp. 5 days total, 2 day Bootcamp followed by 3 day Basecamp. Just checked my archived email and they were ticketed separately, but I was able to purchase both on the same Eventbrite sale.

This year, however, it appears that there will be a discount if you attend both. The Eventbrite Ticket page has 3 options. Alone, you can attend either for $500, but a single ticket covering both is only $800.

They run sequentially. Bootcamp on Monday and Tuesday, Basecamp Wednesday through Friday.

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Have you moved offices from Boulder to Palm Springs?

Nope, still in Boulder. I don’t think it it’ll ever move. I’ve tried to get it to Sweden but they say it’s not possible :frowning: .

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I went to basecamp in Boulder in 2010 was a lot of fun! I live in Sweden now so I would not complain with that!

Doh! You found a typo, thank you :slight_smile: The last option is actually a 5-day ticket, not 3.

The 2-day ticket kicks off the 3D Basecamp week, with two days of hands-on SketchUp training and workshops.

The 3-day ticket includes the last three days of 3D Basecamp, and is a mix of presentations and some hands-on training.

And finally the 5-day ticket is the whole shebang!

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Hi Andy. Yes, we’ll be posting a more robust schedule in the coming months :slight_smile: Stay tuned for more details. As an aside, my recommendation is if you’re looking for hands-on, workshop-type training, the 2-day ticket option is your best bet. If your intention is to learn more about SketchUp, the industry as a whole, and attend conference sessions, try the 3-day ticket. And obviously if all of that sounds wonderful then come for the whole 5 days!

I’ve been wanting to go for years. So. California could be an excuse to visit family, but then again, Sweden would be a chance to visit parts of my wife’s family again.

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Should be a good trip

I’m booking my tickets Sweden>London>LA. It’s not that bad, direct flights for less than £500-£2000 return from London depending on dates. Just a long bus ride to Palm Springs… :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi Liam! Glad you’ll be attending 3D Basecamp this year. I’d definitely recommend staying tuned into this thread as there might be people who’d like to carpool or ride-share from LAX.

Yes indeed will keep me ear to the ground and see what comes up. Thanks

It might be southern California, but when I look it up on a map, it’s 2 hours from my sister’s place! Looks like I’d have to do the typical hotel room for the event, and see her outside those days.

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It’s not actually so bad, for some reason Google was telling me 7 hours by bus but it’s only 2.5 hours so not bad at all!

…and BUR: Bob Hope Airport is about the same as LAX.