Save the date: 3D Basecamp 2018 is coming



I’ve never been at a 3D Basecamp but purchased a ticked for September 2018, it says that it’s gonna be located at JW Marriott, so my question is if I have to book the nights separately or how does that work?


Hi Junior. Glad to hear you’ll be joining us at 3D Basecamp! To answer your question: yes, you have to book your room separately from the event ticket that you purchased. You can either stay at the JW Marriott where the conference is being held (recommended) or you can find another hotel nearby.


Thanks a bunch, that’s what I figured but just wanted to make sure


Hi Folks. I have just registered for 3D base camp 2018 thru Eventbrite. I am trying to use /signup for the scheduling app but it keeps telling me:
" This Eventbrite order is not attached to your email address. Please verify that it is the same email you’ve registered under."
Any one else have and resolve this issue? Tried going thru Eventbrite but no help yet.


Hi Dave: I think what’s happening is that Sched + Eventbrite haven’t been linked on our end just yet, but that should happen in the next day or two. Stay tuned and thanks for getting excited about 3D Basecamp!


Thanks Caroline. That is sort of what I was hoping for. Will try again soon.


2 day vs. 3 day: Is there a bias toward beginners in one session or the other? What’s best for experienced users looking to get to another level?


The first two days are ONLY hands-on workshops. The second three days are some workshops but mostly presentations. The advantage of going to all five days (which is the best deal) is that you can take workshops Monday and Tuesday, them be free to attend some incredible presentations Wednesday - Friday.


I see. So, I suppose both session can have a mix of skill levels to choose from.


That’s the plan! The first two days will include a full two-day, ground-up hands-on training session for beginners. The rest of the workshops will include a mixture of content for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. The Presentations during the main portion of Basecamp (Wednesday - Friday) are more targeted at different interests, rather than difficulty (as they are not hands-on).


Hi Caroline. Still no luck with Sched+Eventbrite. Any Info ? Really want to schedule my stuff :slight_smile:
Thanks For any info you might have .


Hi Dave,

We are a little ways out from having sessions that can be scheduled. The times and dates that can be seen in Sched are tentative, at best. We are hoping to get a real schedule in place, soon, but it will be a few weeks before we will have committed times posted.


Hey Aaron. Ok thanks. That’s cool.
So I guess that Sched wont see my Eventbrite info at all until you folks can have a more real schedule. I was a little concerned that it didn’t see my email to at least log in.
Thanks again. I’ll try not to drive you guys too crazy with this :wink:


Any idea when the phone app might be released?


It will be a little while, yet. We have a lot to do before we have info that will be useful in the app (rooms, course times, graphics, etc…). I love seeing that you are all so excited to get into Basecamp mode!


Please don’t publish any info in an app that you don’t also publish, just as clearly, on a normal web page. Not everyone uses smartphones.


Too true! We learned that two years ago. All the information that ends up in the app (with the exception of certain social interactions) will come directly from the website!


Just an Update. Got into the website portion of the program and was able to log in and schedule some classes. Thanks.