Save the date: 3D Basecamp 2018 is coming




Did you hear the news? Mythbusters’s Grant Imahara is this year’s keynote!


Woah! I grew up watching Mythbusters but haven’t seen it in years now. Great show! Now I’m really getting curious what he’s going to talk aout :smiley: .


Is it possible to sign into the website or the mobile version in order to select talks you want to attend, I cannot see how to sign in?


Assuming it’s run similarly to 2016, which I attended, all sessions are open to all. Room assignment is based on expected attendance.

There will likely be an event app for both Android and iOs (at least there was in 2016) that will allow you to plan your personal schedule, but picking a particular session doesn’t save you a place in the room.


Yes they already have it setup ’
Log in to bookmark your favorites and sync them to your phone or calendar.’ I just cant see the function to log in on the app.

Yes I just want to bookmark the talks so I can plan my days, I know they will all be open.

Ed: Oh nvm, I found the issue!


If you go to our Program page you should be able to click the Login link. Once logged in, you can select the courses that you would like to attend.

Note that access to the courses will depend on the ticket type that you have purchased (i.e. you cannot mark a Bootcamp class for attendance if you have purchased a Basecamp Only ticket). Logging into our site with the same email address that you used to buy your ticket will let our website know what you have access to.


Yep I am at that bit now, the issue was that my finger was too cold and I thought the button was broken, but indeed no, just poor circulation…


Sorry… I did not type fast enough!


I hope Trimble isn’t trendy for the sake of trendiness (again), and instead ditch the app and just make a responsive web site that works on all devices.


They do have a good responsive Web already so I think we are good.


Last Basecamp we exclusively scheduled through the app. We learned that that does not work for everyone! We WILL have an app again this year, but the data in the app will pull from our web-based schedule, so everyone should be covered!

Plus… I don’t want to promise anything… But I’ve heard rumors of a printed paper schedule in the works… We’ll have to see though!


In searching for transportation from the airport to the resort, I learned the following:

JW Marriot does NOT offer a shuttle.
Marriot website mentions the average taxi cost $50.00 one way.
Hertz has an office at the resort, but renting a compact car one way will cost $ 90.00.

So I’m thinking that carpooling a taxi will be best. Does anyone else have any info to add?


Uber estimates a $27 - $35 ride


Thanks Aaron, that’s awesome.


I’m a sketchup guru and have never been to base camp. What is there available to make me better at my job and make my boss want to pay my way?:wink:


Check out the program:



I’ve got the Program open in my browser, and it says I have a ticket. But every time I try and select a session, I get:




Maybe your ticket doesn’t include that day’s activities?


I’m supposed to have a 5 day ticket. That’s what my Eventbrite account shows.