Save the date: 3D Basecamp 2018 is coming



What session are you trying to add?


Breakfast Monday, Afternoon get-together on Tuesday, Lunch Thursday and a few others. I tried the no-brainers to see how it worked, never had a chance to move on to the more agonizing choices!

Stuff I picked immediately after buying ticket shows as checked, and I can uncheck them, but can’t then recheck them!


What does your ticket type say?


Sorry about that; it’s actually an issue on our end. We have a bunch of different ticket types that are linked with Sched, and a few aren’t linked properly. I’ve let our events manager know, and it should be fixed soon.


I’m seeing the same issue. @Caroline, any progress? Just seems to be the get togethers, not the sessions themselves.


I’ve just made a few changes to Sched. Can you check now?


Thanks, is seems to work now. The one thing the system won’t allow is to join Tuesday’s Trail Mixer Happy hour after 4:30 if you’re scheduled for any other events that run up to that time. The system sees the overlap as a conflict. I would assume you can just join in with a happy hour as any time.


Good to know, thanks. I can probably change that setting. But yes, you are welcome to attend at any time!


Hi Caroline,

Novice Sketchup user and really need to attend 2 day workshop - is there anywhere to look for people selling their tickets because they can’t attend, or are there ever walk-in tickets available?

Thanks for your help,


Hey Julie!

There’s a few options. Right now, there’s actually a handful of All Access tickets available as we’ve just processed some refunds. You could purchase one of those and attend the entire week! Another option is to purchase a 3-day ticket, which includes a beginner workshop on Wednesday & Thursday. That’s definitely a great option if you’re hoping to get some hands-on training.

I can add you to the 2-day waiting list, but there are nearly 200 folks on that list. Let me know if you want to be added.


Hello. i am a government employee who is interested in attending the entire week of basecamp 2018. I noticed that the tickets are sold out for the first two days. Is there is anyway possible that I would be able to get a slot? it not, please put me on the waiting list. Thanks in advance. -Pat George


Unfortunately, it is sold out and the waitlist is effectively closed (there are over 200 names on the waiting list). The good news is that many of the workshops offered during the first two days are also available during the three days of Basecamp!


I just asked my boss and company to go after showing hotel cost, flight cost, and ticket cost, and approved!

I only got a Wednesday-Friday ticket but still pretty pumped! I wish I could go to multiple classes in the same block, but the goal is to learn some animation and improve renders which seems doable :slight_smile:

Is Mythbuster Grant only there for the beginning?


Awesome! Glad you will be able to join us! I know it is a bummer to know that you cannot attend ALL the classes, but from where we are at, it is great to hear that you are so excited about the content!

Grant will be speaking at the KeyNote. Not sure exactly how long he will stick around after that, though…

See you soon!


Keynote talk Wednesday morning, so your W-F ticket should include that.

I was wondering that.


I’ve started to prepare my notebook for the basecamp, first step: create an adequate screen background…
For everyone who is interested I have rendered a 4K version (far above my specifications :wink: ):


Had such a blast back in 2016 for the Colorado Springs Basecamp and have been looking forward to the 2018 one since then. I can’t believe its now only a month away. Any theatrical set designers/theater types attending this time? There were about six of us two years ago…and we magically all found each other!
Extensions/plugins befuddle me so I’m hoping to become unbefuddled and I need to learn more about creating organic shapes like draperies and flowy things. I’ve figured out Layout pretty well but could definitely use some guidance from anyone who has a better grasp of it than I.
Anyone in the Palm Springs area know where I can rent a Jeep Wrangler? I’m thinking of flying down from San Francisco Bay Area and renting a Jeep so I can tool around. After Basecamp I’ve planned a few days to go visit that crater in Arizona and the Grand Canyon (I got a thing for large holes in the ground I guess) then finish the trip in Las Vegas where I’ll fly back to San Francisco again. So I guess I’m looking for a Jeep that I can rent in P. Springs and drop off in Vegas.
Investigating good hikes around P. Springs and also maybe some horseback riding.
I love the freakin’ desert!!


A friend was recommending the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and then described some hike going up where you end up taking the tramway down from the top.


Hello, Basecampers!!

I am excited to let you all know that the 3d Basecamp 2018 app has just been released!

Get it for iPhone here or for Android here. If you have another device and wish to see what’s going on, check out the site here.

You WILL have to create an account when you first open the app. PLEASE use the same email that you used to purchase your ticket in order to get access to the app.


YES! It is works without a smartphone too! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

EDIT: Can’t find how I sign in though.