Save the date: 3D Basecamp 2018 is coming



What session are you trying to add?


Breakfast Monday, Afternoon get-together on Tuesday, Lunch Thursday and a few others. I tried the no-brainers to see how it worked, never had a chance to move on to the more agonizing choices!

Stuff I picked immediately after buying ticket shows as checked, and I can uncheck them, but can’t then recheck them!


What does your ticket type say?


Sorry about that; it’s actually an issue on our end. We have a bunch of different ticket types that are linked with Sched, and a few aren’t linked properly. I’ve let our events manager know, and it should be fixed soon.


I’m seeing the same issue. @Caroline, any progress? Just seems to be the get togethers, not the sessions themselves.


I’ve just made a few changes to Sched. Can you check now?


Thanks, is seems to work now. The one thing the system won’t allow is to join Tuesday’s Trail Mixer Happy hour after 4:30 if you’re scheduled for any other events that run up to that time. The system sees the overlap as a conflict. I would assume you can just join in with a happy hour as any time.


Good to know, thanks. I can probably change that setting. But yes, you are welcome to attend at any time!


Hi Caroline,

Novice Sketchup user and really need to attend 2 day workshop - is there anywhere to look for people selling their tickets because they can’t attend, or are there ever walk-in tickets available?

Thanks for your help,


Hey Julie!

There’s a few options. Right now, there’s actually a handful of All Access tickets available as we’ve just processed some refunds. You could purchase one of those and attend the entire week! Another option is to purchase a 3-day ticket, which includes a beginner workshop on Wednesday & Thursday. That’s definitely a great option if you’re hoping to get some hands-on training.

I can add you to the 2-day waiting list, but there are nearly 200 folks on that list. Let me know if you want to be added.