Save the date: 3D Basecamp 2018 is coming



Apparently (just learning this, myself), you can see all the info from the app, but cannot post in the social stream… It looks like the log in is primarily for posting purposes…


Looks like iPhone only? Not iPad?


I just checked this myself last night… Looks like no iPad support…


I went up it nearly 30 years ago. As it’s 5,900 feet of climbing to get to the top, it would be quite a hike to do.


Ok, I’m not up to that anymore. Maybe when I was in college, and climbed a lot in the White Mountains, but not now.


I’ll live. I just like the bigger screen when I have a choice.


I’m a bit disappointed to see that my personal schedule - that I’d already worked out and entered on the 3d Basecamp Website didn’t carry over to the app. :sob:


It carries over if you log in with the same credentials you used in Sched on the 3D Basecamp site.


Check again :wink:


One feature in iOS is that you can have apps install themselves onto your other devices. So, having installed the app on my iPhone I went to install it on my iPad Pro, but it was there already!

It seems to work fine, but is just the iPhone version, with an option to scale it up to fill the screen.


I did about 3 hours ago - still no customized schedule - and I did use the same email address as my sched login.

So I tried resetting my sched password, then logging out of the app, then back in. And that worked!

Tagging @DaveR since this is also, kind of, sort of, a reply to his comments as well.


I just checked the link to the Tramway site and learned that it will be closed for maintenance during the time 3d Basecamp takes place.


I am guessing that the issue is that you have to log in twice… the first time you log into the main app (which gives you access to the socia features), then, on the schedule page, log into sched to get access to your existing schedule.

On the schedule page there is a second menu icon (the lower one). If you click tha and scroll to the bottom you will have the option to log into Sched. If all goes well, you should see your icon in the upper right of your schedule:


Thats a shame, I would have liked that.


Ok, I’m confused. I know from trying that my existing email and password don’t work for the initial login. What do I do for the initial login, enter my email and create a new password for that?


When you first install the app, you will need to create a new login. When you do this, you should do so with the same email as the one you used to buy your ticket on Eventbrite.

Once you are logged into the app, select Schedule from the menu. In the schedule screen, click the lower menu icon, scroll tot he bottom and choose sign in. Do so with the same info that you logged into the Sched agenda on the 3D Basecamp website. This will retrieve your schedule from the site.


Got it! Thanks.

I don’t have it on automatic, but one click and it installed on my iPad. It mostly works but not completely bug free.

iPhone view:

iPad view:


I’m on a later version of iOS than you, and mine seems ok. I mean, it was ok in that view, then I chose the Desktop option. Now it looks different, and I don’t see a way to get out of Desktop to double check if the normal view is correct.


Hmm, then I’m not sure I want to touch that button yet.


Uber! There is also a sunbus which you could check the schedules of