Save the date: 3D Basecamp 2018 is coming



I still can’t find any login at the website. Is it possible or is this again for smartphones only?


It’s a very primitive wrapper and menu around some content and websites, nothing to miss. But the floor plan will be handy to find sessions (or pushpull :wink: ).

I assume it stores user preferences on the mobile device or in the browser’s webstorage (not on the app’s servers). That’s why there is no login. You can only login into sched. The browser version of the app probably shows the link to sched because it cannot embed cross-domain https sites in a frame (which the mobile app can in a webview).


Thanks for the info!

So it’s not a social app this year where people share photos and send messages and the like? I think it was two years ago (but don’t know for sure as I could never try it).


Seems pretty social. People are posting images and other content that shows up in a feed. I haven’t dived in yet, but it seems pretty cool.


I haven’t seen anything in the feed the first (and only) time I checked. I thought it would be unlocked when Basecamp begins. So why does Attendify not make this available in the web app? Web apps first, because all devices/systems/users can consume them!


Yes it’s the same app as 2016. Apologies for my lateness to this conversation… what issue are you having?


I just went through the schedule for the week. It may well be the best scheduler I’ve ever seen. I then used Face ID to sign into the schedule on my iPhone X, and have all the updates showing there.

I’m using macOS Mojave and iOS 12, I think that made things easier for me.


Aaron said it should work on the web too, but it’s just a dysfunctional website without much content. No feed, no anything except for a few links and the map of the venue.

Sorry if I sound grumpy, but why is there even an app to start with? What does it do that the SketchUp forum and the other website with the agenda can’t? Is someone just very keen to make apps?


It just helps keep the event communication that’s irrelevant to non-attendees out of the forum and in a more appropriate place. Plus we were able to integrate with Sched so your personalized schedule and agenda is all in one place.

As for the web app, I think it’s just supposed to be an extension of the phone app meaning that it’s not as interactive :frowning: We’ll revisit this the next time around and see if there’s something out there that’s more device-friendly.


Is it possible that the developers could enable web storage for the embedded views of the sched web page?
Their (static) content is quite valuable but it vanishes when you are not connected to internet.

Having offline access to the floor map and schedule is especially useful when you quickly want to check your schedule. The schedule is not likely to change so often worth to connect to the internet and reload a web page just to look at it.

I’ll make a screenshot, anyways!