SketchUp Sages!

You may notice that there are some helpful and powerful SketchUp users on this forum…Those are our Sages! Sages are near and dear to SketchUp and are our "heart! As well as the heart of our community.

In the words of one of our Sages, @catamountain: “SketchUp Sages are forum members who stand out as exceptionally active, helpful, and friendly. They volunteer time and energy to help build a great community and to help SketchUp, Extension and 3D Warehouse users all around the world.”

We, the SketchUp folks, created the Sages program to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of these individuals and to encourage other members to also help in fostering the group’s community spirit.

Click here to learn more about this forum’s user trust levels and how you can get more involved in our community here!

You may have noticed them walking around here and answering your posts… This is our Sage Group as of now:

@Aerilius @Anssi @Box @Cotty @DaveR @dezmo @jean_lemire_1 @jimhami42 @Johnnie Lee @mihai.s @MikeWayzovsi @Pcmoor @Shep @slbaumgartner @TIG @Wo3Dan

Now give em’ a round of applause! :clap: & a high-five :wave:


Gully_Foyle might have been abducted by Aliens.

He should either get special mention for this, or a category all his own.

I’m just saying…

And of course a nice round of applause is in order to everyone on the list. So nicely done folks !!

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^^^ @Gully_Foyle is mentioned above :wink: But I may have missed someone because I just had to increase the amount of allowed tags lol so let me know Sages! You know who you are

I’m okay Jim, thanks. They just pulled me into the shop (that’s not what they actually call it) for a while to twiddle with my control circuits in an attempt to make me seem more like other Earthlings. We’ll have to wait and see how well they did.


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Sounds familiar. Good luck. Anssi

[quote=“Gully_Foyle, post:4, topic:13867”]
… They just pulled me into the shop (that’s not what they actually call it) for a while to twiddle with my control circuits …
[/quote] And all of that happened without any protest from your side? :open_mouth: Unbelievable!

Jeff Hammond could have been too?

Hey, yeah. I think he was like the third slab from the end. What, not back yet?


Are you guys going to introduce yourself or what?! :wink:

Personally I’m a rather private individual and have no wish to lay my life out on the internet. I also rarely bother to read the introduce yourself thread.

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I feel rather the same way as @Box does about it, although over the years I’ve let slip more about myself than I may have wished. That’s why my profile on the old forum was about my fictional namesake, taken from the novel of which he was the protagonist.

(We don’t seem to have your whole life spread out before us yet, either, Alex.)


I introduced myself in the introduce yourself thread. You don’t have to answer all of the questions, but our community should know a little bit about who our core users are! You can at least answer some of the SketchUp specific ones…

The risk, as with all of the web, is that if you expose too much about yourself, people find ways to pester you outside the context of the forum. @AlexB, you are the public face of Trimble/SketchUp on the forum, so you need to be somewhat open. I applaud your efforts to make this a friendly place. But like @Box and @Gully_Foyle, I tend to guard my privacy.

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For those of you who don’t know who I am, shame on you!
For those of you who don’t know who I am, shame on me!
To mangle GWB…

I am a director of SketchUcation.
I am an old and prolific Plugin writer.
I am a retired UK Architect RIBA - (perhaps I’ll see you at UK’s Basecamp at the RIBA in London in September?)
I am based in Northumbria [the UK’s best kept secret]
I Ruby-code around the world…
As an Architect I worked on many large commercial and government projects - usually in the ‘CD’ and construction phases, but my experience has spread across all aspects over the years.
I have worked at all scales of project from city-planning, down to 3d-modelling single tiny objects…
I’ve worked with various 3d/CAD systems ‘forever’…
E.G. Calcomp-IGS500, Sonata, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit and now of course the wondrous SketchUp [>=v4] !

I am now a Sage.

But then, I always was. :wink:


Okay, this is me spilling my guts:

Who are you?
Here I am without the stripes. I’m 66 years old.

What is your industry and profession?
Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing: Mechanical Designer, Standards Engineer, Technical manual writer and illustrator, now retired.

Dog or cat?

Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally?
I’m a SU hobbyist. I first used it to model the new house that I now live in. Regrettably, SU is not able to produce the kind of 3D Engineering documentation used in my industry, particularly as regards dimensioning and tolerancing, although I’ve tried pretty hard to trick or coerce it into doing so.

How long have you been using SU?
About ten years.

How long have you been a Sage?
About nine years.

Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it?
Its ease of use and intuitive interface are hard to beat.

How proficient are you in SketchUp?
I’d say I’m fairly advanced in the use of the native modeling tools, although, since I don’t have any particular use for the bundled Pro apps like LayOut and Style Builder, I’m just a rank beginner with them. In my opinion, using a 3D modeling app to produce 2D documentation, especially embellished with fake artistic flourishes, tends to miss the point.

What is your current set up?
Intel i7 processor with 12 Gb RAM, mid-range nVidia graphics with two 24" monitors, 64-bit Win 7, SU 2015 Make and SU 8 Pro.

What is your favorite Emoji?
I’m really down on Emoji and chat room abbreviations and wouldn’t dream of introducing such crude devices into my writing. It seems to me that literate people have been able to communicate with style, elegance, and power for many centuries using only the written word, without resorting to pictographs and the like. I find the gratuitous use of abbreviations and telegraphic, shorthand language irritating and dysfunctional.

What do you like best about this forum?
The diverse, multi-national readership. This place is about the best example of globalization I think I’ve seen.

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…?
Not at all.



Spookily you look quite like a good looking version of me, but with very black hair !
I’m only couple of years younger than you, so “perhaps our dad had a bicycle” [as we say in the UK].
My avatar on this site is my real snapshot, but I usually use a ‘TIGer’ one, but you beat me to it here !

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The fictional Gully Foyle, injured, comatose, and delirious, was taken in by a tribe of asteroid-dwelling savages called The Scientific People. As was their practice, they tattooed his face with the striped pattern favored by Maori tribesmen. Hence the tiger avatar.



Well, so much for lurking privacy…

Remarkably, since I am the same age, I look exactly like Gully Foyle, except without either facial or head-top hair…or maybe I look more like his avatar (again, without the hair).

By training I am an Electrical Engineer, but of the mathematical sort who relate to optimal control systems and software rather than electrons. I spent a lot of years designing and writing software for statistical analysis, complex simulations, image processing, weather data, and other obscure things. This background explains my sometimes overly theoretical bent. I have since retired.

I am one of the most recently inducted Sages, based I suppose on the fact that I love this forum and spend an inordinate amount of time lurking and contributing here. As a side aspect of my prior career, I taught many in-house courses and mentored many junior engineers and programmers; I like to help people learn and sort out problems. This forum offers an opportunity to do so on a broad scale!

I am currently a Mac user, though I was on Windows for a lot of years first, starting in the days of the first IBM PC. As such, I try to chime in when a topic is Mac-specific or has a Mac variation from Windows (somebody please kill that Materials window!). At work I used UNIX, so I am one of those who is very comfortable typing unintelligible commands into a text-based terminal, even in Mac OS X.

My pre-retirement hobby and now main activity is building custom furniture, all of which I design using SketchUp. I started using SketchUp for this about 10 years ago when I reached total frustration with the app I had been using previously (which shall remain nameless). My SketchUp skills are nowhere on the level of Dave Richards, but I can state that I build everything I design! For me, SketchUp is the most intuitive and natural 3D drawing tool I have ever used. With my programming background, I like the Ruby API though like many people I sometimes struggle trying to make it do what I want.

Rather than walking on the beach, I’d rather sail or row past it on the ocean!


You mean like this?



Nah, that’s too friendly! Plus, my eyes are bigger.

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