Forum - SketchUp Community? SketchUcation? I get lost!


This is my first connexion on the forum! my nickname is WhyDi. Ms background developer for long it’s the first time I get involved in extension development. You may read about our baby called SUalive on the dedicated website.

I knew Sketchup 6 at first then had 7pro and now 16pro. Great version with it’s tray allowing for virtually enlarge the computer screen - thanks to Trimble! My SketchUp level is intermediate and the more complex model I drew may be seen on the website. Named ‘Saw Block’ the model holds about height hundreds of groups and component instances eleven-level deep in the Outliner.

I’m posting on SketchUp forum for a bit more than a year and a half - so not for long. Many searches on the web let me think SketchUcation was THE Trimble forum - ‘PluginStore’ button at the top also strongly helped to. Now I’ve just learnt about SketchUp Community. Some told me about Google Groups. So I get lost!
Google Groups are Google of course but what about the two others? Is SketchUcation a remaining of old Google SketchUp? both Trimble? Do they aim specific purposes? users? all your takes welcome!

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You may read about my last and current thread on SketchUcation there


SketchUcation is not and never has been operated by Google or Trimble. It is an independent (and highly regarded) site that relies on a combination of advertising income and member contributions for support. This,, is the current official forum supported and operated by Trimble. Google sold SketchUp to Trimble several years ago and no longer supports SketchUp. Aside from use for login validation, Google Groups no longer has any connection to SketchUp and all the ongoing discussion has shifted to other sites. There are also a variety of independent subject area forums around SketchUp as well as categories within other forums for SketchUp questions.


slbaumgartner hello!

It was all about disambiguation and your post makes things clear to my mind. Thanks!

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I have a different minor problem . . I have not been to sketchucation for a year maybe and NOW I CAN’T SIGN IN ! why I have my password and ID and password file I drag around just in case of . . I went as i needed a Cone for a home Job to make a part for my 3D printer and my rotating some thing in 3D is a pain and never works out right ( using a Laptop )


Server set ups change.
Sometimes long unused passwords are simply ‘forgotten’.
If you have the email with which you registered, and your user name [both need to be valid] - but which are now associated with an inoperable password - you simply need to send an email to someone at SketchUcation [like me]*** and it can be resolved with the issue of a new [temporary] password based on your email and username…
***The links are at the foot of the site’s pages - under ‘contact’…
I can easily put you in touch with our IT guru Gábor who can fix the password issue…