Goobye! --AlexB SketchUp Community Manager

Today I say goodbye as SketchUp’s community manager. It has been so amazing seeing all the great ways you guys use SketchUp!

This is such a great community, thanks for everything you all do to contribute and make it that way…!

Until next time! :wave: :v: :cry:

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have fun…

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Good knowing you. Thanks.
Is that how you tame your big cats? :wink:

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Hey AlexB,

From that pose, it appears you’re traveling to the wrong coast. That’s a Hollywood action hero pose if there ever was one!

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Goodbye, AlexB !!

It was fun to have you around here, and while I know that you’re too much of a classy lady to say it. we all know that managing this rowdy forum is probably a lot more difficult than trying to tame all those wild cats.

I hope that you still have all of your 9 cat lives around, so that you can put them to use in your next endeavors.

Best of Luck to you, and for what it’s worth… I thought you did a Great Job. :tiger:

Take Care,

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Im a bit saddened that you are leaving!

it wasn’t that long, but great knowing you, please keep in touch.


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Alex, best wishes in your new endeavors in the Big Apple. I hope you’ll stop in from time to time to say hello.

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People wear along of black in NYC. You’ll blend right in with that black getup pictured above. So long…

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I did not have time to get to know you, a pity that.
But I wish you all good luck in the world and much success in your life.