SketchUp YouTube Channel Is Blocking My Comments

I tried to participate in the live stream today and my comments were muted. I know this because I tried to say hello to my good friend Nathan Wilkerson and also give input on roof terminology to no avail.

Can any SketchUp employees comment on this? I have been using SketchUp for 19 years. I have been designing and building for 45 years. If my input is not welcome, fine but muting me from live streams is silly and unprofessional.

Hi @anon13243925 - I’m an admin and was there and didn’t see you at all. I’ll do some digging and check with other moderators as perhaps there was some setting that needs to be reset.

Weird. Maybe it’s YouTube that’s doing it, not SketchUp folks? I’ve mostly used the YouTube feed, but one experiment might be to use another platform like the LinkedIn feed instead and see if it’s a problem there.

I think there may have been something odd going on today. A few times Aaron quoted someone, and I didn’t see any comment from that person.


Were you logged in with a user name registered with YT? If you don’t, YT does not allow comments.

Yes, I have been on YouTube for 17 years and know how to operate :slight_smile: You guys are asking the wrong questions. You need to be asking SketchUp why their employees are muting people on the live streams. Why do people always glaze over the real issue?

Colin and Eric are from sketchup team.

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In my experience, mods on many sites tend to “err on the side of caution”. If they (mis)construe something you write as being in any way contentious they take no chances and delete and ban.

Then there are those sites and mods who mute/block/ban after receiving lots of complaints, but without bothering to check whether those complaints are at all justified.

For instance, if somebody with a vendetta of some kind wants you gone they can use a bunch of alt/sockpuppet accounts to mass report you, knowing the mods won’t look at the original comments or check for any suspicious behavior, and instead will just insta-mute/block/ban the targeted account.

It’s social media. We just have to learn to accept it is how it is.

@jody was assisting @TheOnlyAaron for the live modeling. They may know if there were any technical issues yesterday that could explain what you saw.

I’d bet my lunch money that you were not being blocked or censored by anyone on the SketchUp team.


Come to the next live stream and we will test your theory. I have already spoken with a few people like Nathan Wilkerson who was there and he did not see my comments either. I was trying to compliment him on his extensions in the chat and I could tell my comments were not being seen.

There were no technical issues. I am having a friend join in the next live stream to document I have been muted. I think the Sketchup staff should at least tell someone why but I was never told why. Notice none of them have responded to this issue. But it’s fine. I have work to do anyway.

I don’t recall seeing your comments but I was partly distracted creating my own test models and further testing some ideas/concepts while watching the livestream. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the live feed however I was occasionally posting a few of my own observations.

From what I’m seeing, at least 2 staff members have responded to you here saying they’ll look into it. What am I missing?


It’s also the weekend. I’m sure they’ll pipe up on Monday.

He said he would check into it but hasn’t responded back yet. What is your real point?

Usually people don’t work on weekends, and as I see it it’s not an issue priority 1, I don’t know the reason why your comments weren’t shown during the livestream but I’m sure that they didn’t even know you were trying to comment, they didn’t even know about your existence, so don’t try to make it personal.

It looks like you trust Nathan’s judgment more than the other responses here, I’m sure he also doesn’t suspect that anyone from SketchUp would knowingly prevent any post in chat from anyone!?

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Yes, @anon13243925 your account (Artisan Tony) is blocked from commenting on our YouTube channel. History is hard to follow on YouTube, but last year, I think it was, you repeatedly posted condescending and rude comments that were not on topic of the videos. Eventually, we put your account in “timeout” When in timeout, you can still post and you will see your comments, but no one else does (this is how YouTube deals with undesired commentors).