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Hey you bunch of talented humans…

I am self taught on SketchUp and love the amount of resource out there helping to build skills and keep the updated.
It would be great to have someone to reach out to with a specific question, or to arrange a quick zoom with to say “HELP!”
Don’t know if this exists or if anyone interested, I am at a point I would even consider paying for someone’s time for a half hour help zoom?


That’s certainly possible. I do a lot of one-on-one SketchUp and LayOut instruction with screen sharing. This forum is a good place to ask questions, too.


If you’ve purchased from a reseller, they are often there on the phone for this kind of thing or offer services to assist.

Think it was a corporate license direct from SketchUp…
Sometimes I just need a quick bit of help :blush:

DAVE… I NEED YOU in my life…
How do I book some time with you!

Drop me a PM by clicking on my name and then the Message button.


@DaveR I am feeling totally inadequate…
I cant even message you :face_with_peeking_eye:

Maybe you just need to get another post under your belt before the system will let you send me a message.

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As Dave says, if you aren’t seeing this message button, you just need a few posts to push your forum level up a notch.
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Okay, now this is just a bit weird
I reached out to find a mentor, I have someone willing to help @DaveR
BUT… I don’t have the ability to reach out and message him
I have tried to reach out to the admin team but I don’t have the option to message them even…

HELP… I am in a SketchUp Forum black hole… :dizzy_face:

@TheOnlyAaron @ty_s @michellelw

@DaveR needs help with SketchUp? That would be big news.

But to be serious. Can’t you click on @DaveR’s avatar anywhere on this forum to then click on “Message” ?

I think the issue is that direct messaging is only allowed after you’ve posted so many times to help prevent spam attacks. I went ahead and upped your trust level so you should now be able to message @DaveR directly. I’ll bet if you asked super nice he’d reach out to you as well.
On another note, if you’re looking for some SketchUp training, you may want to check out 3D Basecamp:


Hi Dave,

I am new to sketchup and have figured most of the tools out on my own. But there is one item that I am having trouble changing the color of. It is a bathroom vanity/sink that I downloaded and I can not change the cabinet color. I can only change the countertop color. I need some 1 on 1 assistance. I would even be willing to set up a Zoom call.

I also can not message you because I have only made one post. Could you message me directly please?

Thank you!