Terrain Modeling Live Stream

Hey, all!

We are going live, again! This time I will be taking a crack at modeling terrain! We will be on Twitch and YouTube. Swing by at Noon (MDT) today and help me figure out how to model terrain… I mean… learn something new about modeling terrain… I mean… come on by!


How about workflow as a subject matter for Twitch - there are obviously many industries that could be focused on re efficiency of the overall working practices.

Was great from what I saw- also learned about the “joint push pull” - can’t believe I didn’t know - it’s not the same as pressing shift and pull is it?

No, it’s one of Fredo’s many excellent plugins.

It wasn’t your best work. I intend to rewatch it though. You seemed to have difficulties with unexpected imported model issues. I also had to quit twitch and go to youtube.


I know… not the best, but it was fun and I learned somethings! Plus… it was the first time (that I know of) that an extension was fixed during a live stream!

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I look forward to more :+1:

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