Organic Modeling Live Stream

Hey, all!

We will be doing a live stream today all about organic modeling! We will be on Twitch and (possibly) YouTube. Swing by at Noon (MST) today and help me figure out what I should model!

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Sounds like a great idea.

In terms of subject, landscape has been mentioned often.

Landscape is definitely on the list, but for this session we are thinking organic objects… animals, seashells… objects with flowing geometry…

We will come back and do one specific to landscape, but not today (I need a little more prep time for that one!).

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Organic objects would be more consistent with the cutting edge of organic architecture.

How about an aurochs? Or it’s cousin the water buffalo. After all, everybody’s got a water. Yours is fast and mine is slow.


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and help me figure out what I should model!
Maybe a stingray?

Hey all! Thanks to everyone who came by out live stream today. It was a ton of fun and we covered some great Organic Modeling workflow tips!

Question: What sort of thing would you like to see modeled in a live stream?

I missed the live stream, but I’m happy to be able to watch it now…

It were interesting to watch, I look forward to more.

I’m sticking with my suggestion of “Elephant”, I think the ears will be tricky though.

@TheOnlyAaron, thank you very much for this.

I missed the live performance and I’m only an hour into it now.

But this is the first time I’ve seen a tutorial done slow enough and explained well enough on these particular extensions that I actually understand it.