Modeling Live on Twitch!

We are gearing up for our third live modeling session March 1st at 1:30pm MST. Swing by and help us out (because I will need it!).

If you want to download the model and follow along (or do your own thing), grab it from 3DWarehouse!

See you on Friday, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitch so you don’t miss future sessions!


MST = Mountain Standard Time?
image ?

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Yep! That’s right!

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@TheOnlyAaron is there anything on for tomorrow?

Yep! We are doing a AMTMA (Ask Me To Model Anything) session at noon mountain time!

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Cool! I’ve really enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I’ve had to watch a few after the fact. But I’ll be watching tomorrow! Thanks.

How or where do you login to see it? Can you provide a direct link?

Link - Official Twitch TV SketchUp channel.

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Or you can watch on our YouTube channel. Either of the links in the original post should still work.

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