Dumb question

Hi guys I’m over in the UK and new to the forum and yet to find my way around so my apologies.
I’ve recently discovered Aaron’s live modelling (UK spelling - auto correct) presentations which are uploaded and brilliant. However since he does broadcast live is there a link anywhere I can use to watch or will I get a notification that he’s about to go live as I’ve subscribed to the channel as I believe he starts at noon MST - I am 7 hours ahead.

Many thanks.


The calendar of sessions is available here on the forum:

One completed, all live sessions can be viewed in YouTube.

Thanks I thought they were on Fridays as in the UK when the bars were open that’s when we have ‘Happy Hour’ as you referred to it on a couple of your presentations. I love your presentations and having followed all your square one and working through the intermediate stuff I get most of what you do in the live modelling sessions and then try to emulate them - with varied success.

I followed through on the mechanical items and noticed you keep everything as one. This gave me issues with sticky faces and resorted to making separate items and then moving together. Is this frowned upon by professional designers?

Keep safe and I look forward to the tractor - it’s a large farming community where I live!
Thanks once again.