What is the schedule for your YouTube live streams?

I think they are Monday, Wednesday and Friday but what are the times?

Only for a few weeks were they on three days a week. Historically they are on Friday at noon our time. For the last five weeks we have done a webinar series, and so there is a chance that there won’t be one today.

@TheOnlyAaron will know for sure.

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Hi @stevetorrence! We have been doing our webinar series for the last 5 weeks (and will continue for the next 3 weeks) on Wednesdays. Generally, our live model sessions are Fridays at noon. As @colin mentioned, we won’t have one this week (this is primarily due to an office shut down and much needed vacation time). We do plan to come back and do another live session NEXT Friday at noon! Hope to see you there!


Many thanks for posting this. I missed a days work last week. Stayed home to watch but no SketchUp Live. Looks like there is a feature on YouTube where you can post an upcoming event. It would be good to know 4 or 5 days in advance of a livestream. Thanks Aaron and Jody and the SketchUp Team for SketchUp Live and the Fireside Chat Live Webinars. I recommend them highly for anyone who uses SketchUp. Also for the SketchUp Forum, All the best, Steve

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I will try next week but I’m 11.5 hours ahead of you. Lets see if I can get up… or stay awake :slight_smile: Will try!

Ooohh… SketchUp Late Night!

Aaron, how can I email you a suggested model for a live modeling? I found some emails for you online but maybe they were old.

The easiest method would be to message me right here through the forum!

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Send to you on this thread? I was looking for a way to PM you but didn’t see a way.

Single click on an avatar. There will be a popup window with the word Message in it. Click on it.

That’s the first thing I tried but there is no message text there.

You will gain superpowers as you spend more time here, and then the Message option should appear.

If the model you might suggest is not a secret, another way to alert Aaron would be to make a post about the suggestion, then add @TheOnlyAaron into your post. Aaron will then see that you have tagged him in your post, and he will come over to see what you said.

BTW, happy to see that I’ve been in the forum for 355 days longer than Aaron!

OK I will make a separate post. :slight_smile: