Live model-along! Machine Parts in SketchUp

Hi all! I am going to be jumping on the live stream to model some machine parts in SketchUp!
Download the image below and be ready to follow along!

Wednesday, March 25th at 12:00 Noon (MT or UTC-6)

Join me on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch!


I look forward to seeing your work flow for modeling these parts.

Regrettably youtube link doesn’t show your live stream just takes to SU channel

It isn’t Wednesday in the US, yet.

@TheOnlyAaron should have written 25th, though.

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You are correct, but it is the 24th. Didn’t look at the day just the date.

I fixed it.

You know Aaron’s not good with that math stuff. :wink:

Maybe he was thinking about the default circle, where each segment is a 24th.



Thank you @colin!

Looks like something I could learn from. Is it beyond a Sketchup 2017 user?

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Nope! Going to walk through every step… always something to learn, for any SketchUp user!


couldn’t resist - my try to made the parts :smiley:


tengel07, yours looks good but I think you need to move your inner circle edge down 5 units. I used cm…
Edit: wow that’s big…should have used mm :wink:

I guess the inner hole is 20mm thick and the surface is flat on the Dia 80-Circle.

Certainly could be.

@tengel07 has read the drawing correctly. and made that part with the right dimensions. The top of the raised boss is flat.

Now Torsten, if you look at the two parts on the right, they have fillet that you need to add in. :slight_smile:

Edit: And Torsten, you should make the parts solids, too. :wink:


the originals drawings had a manufacturing process and material intent…

stage one is translating the geometric data into the skp format…

newer technology may dictate different manufacturing processes…

The Gauntlet:

redesign the set for different criteria i.e. 3D printing, lazer/water jet + welding, etc…


Good idea. At least make sure they are all solids. :wink:

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Well… I guess you guys saved me the need to do this session :wink:

I don’t blame you… I would have done the same thing… hopefully you will still come hang out at noon!