Modeling Machine Parts Live with Aaron!

This Friday Aaron will be modeling machine parts from cad drawings, live!


Join us on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch!

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What? No sample drawings?

Sorry @andybster … you guys model so fast I have to wait until the last minute to post so you don’t post you finished models before I start streaming!


LOL, Aaron.

I started at the bottom of the list. Sorry.

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For the small arc of part 931 between an arc and a straight line, see here:

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@TheOnlyAaron did you add the draft angle on the outside?

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I did not! I think I was flustered by the issue with the arc and for out off there as quick as I could!

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Understood. Did you get the 2-point Arc tool to work later or did you go do something else afterward. It was good to at least hear Matt and have him providing the color commentary.

It worked just fine on the next model… very weird!

Yeah! It’s great to have Matt back!

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Hello @TheOnlyAaron - what a perfect source of learning material from that StudyCadCam site.

If anyone else is interested in nailing the rest of them, I have just downloaded the whole package, and serving it from here:

So, one per day, starting now with number 1… :rofl:

Thanks. Here’s one from that site after you posted.


Hi Lukasz, hi folks.

Thank you for the 1004 parts to be modelled. This will occupy my free time for many hours, no, days, no, weeks, no months, OK years.

This reminds me my courses in industrial drawing/drafting/drawing reading when studying engineering, in 1973-1974.


What will it become if you make them all and assemble? Or are they teasing young people with parts that don’t fit together?